Divine Messages with Bible Roulette

If you’re like me, you’ve sat with a Bible in your hands, squeezed your eyes closed, randomly opened it, and put your finger down on the page. What happens next is Divine intervention.

You open your eyes to read some great wisdom, advice, and guidance; a revelation, or the answer to a question—all by the random verse God directed your finger to land on.

Ah Bible roulette – what a great way to demand God to speak to us. I think I’ve gotten better, more consistent advice via a fortune cookie—after all God uses all avenues right?

…What? You think I’m joking?

Honestly, Bible roulette has semi-worked for me. Sometimes. Okay rarely. Let’s just say it’s not batting 1000, and isn’t the best way to hear God’s heart or to find the answer to “should I buy car x or car y?” or ”should I sell all my possessions and move to Zimbabwe to dig a water well?”

It was during my youth that I sensed something wrong with Bible roulette. If for no other reason than the fact that I kept landing on a Psalm. Which makes good sense as it’s smack in the middle of the Bible. I quickly learned to be a little more selective in my randomness, thus helping God tell me the very words I needed to read/hear. (Because God loves to get our help when He speaks to us…right?)

And you if really want to help God out with His divine intervention of words to you—then you might opt for a New Testament only book, or possibly just a stand-alone book of Proverbs. This way you really help God out!  

If you’re willing to help God to that degree—then you might as well go to your local Christian book store (if you can still find one in business) and buy one of those verse-of-the-day holders that look like a loaf of bread. You know, the one that says “Our Daily Bread” on the side. You can trust that it will contain only the good verses. Because, nothing is worse than playing Bible roulette (with a fully loaded 66-book Bible) and landing on the verse “Jesus wept” or “One night as I lay in bed, I yearned for my lover” or “Levi has three sons, who names were Gershon, Kohath, and Merari.”

Just what are you supposed to do with those verses? THIS is exactly why it’s a great idea to invest in the “Daily Bread” holder for hearing from God.

On a side note: landing on “Jesus wept” just puts a downer on the whole day… So, get the Daily Bread already! Here’s your link – a deal at $4.99 !

So let’s get super-duper honest.  If you’re in the desperate to hear from God category—season—group—then we are known to go to crazy extremes. And when I say “we”, I mean me (and you). Remember we’re being honest at this point.

I haven’t played the traditional version of Bible roulette in a long time, but I’ve got a devotional book that’s become my newest form of the game. And here’s the scoop—it’s a bit freaky-coincidental that the daily devotional  has a 75% track-record of speaking exactly to something stirring in my life at that moment.

As it stands, each day I’m enthusiastic to read my little purple devotional book. It’s such easy reading, easy applicable—as simple and good for me as taking my Flintstone daily vitamin. And I’ve deemed this a good thing…until I realized I prefer “little purple book” and Flintstone chewables as opposed to “Thumper” and a well-rounded diet including vegetables. 


Ah, this is the name I gave my Study NIV/Message Parallel Bible. It weighs about seventeen pounds. Thumper proves once and for all what a serious Christian I am. Only a Bible Thumping evangelical would tote around something of this magnitude. And if I ever use Thumper the way Benny Hinn does when tapping people on the head with the Word of God, it’s guaranteed that they will pass out. Massive power! Gosh, it could even be used for judging and stoning. Wait. What? …I digress. In fact I simply shut up. We are all really uncomfortable now.

All kidding aside: with many of us navigating our way through the white water rapids of life, we’ve become ever more desperate to hear from God. And we need it quick and palatable. We can’t afford to make a wrong move else we’ll be taken under the swift current.

So, just know, you’re normal. You are in fairly good company with those that are desperately seeking God—be it via Bible roulette, divine fortune cookie, and random-radio-song-meant-just-for-you direct messaging from God. After all, we really don’t believe in coincidences do we? That song at that moment was orchestrated just for you.

Hummm. Maybe we need to consider the value of Thumper and vegetables. Maybe it makes sense to put a little more time and focus there. Because maybe—just maybe—if I’m in a real reading plan and eating a balanced diet I won’t need roulette, “Daily Bread”, and Flintstone chewables.

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10 thoughts on “Divine Messages with Bible Roulette

  1. This made me smile… 🙂
    Love the way you write with honesty that causes us to smile, laugh, and think…
    I’m smiling–and I’m thinking…

    • great post made me laugh and feel guilty at the same time, not an easy task for anyone to do. really made me ask my self a few questions about my relationship with the lord thank you i mean that.

      • LOL! Oh yes, i remember the time I played Bible Roulette as a teenager. I lost my boyfriend’s class ring..who almost didn’t give it to me because he feared I would lose it. I needed a God intervention in the worst way. Bible Roulette gave me a verse to claim and what do you know but the ring was found and return to me and I promptly returned it to my boyfriend. He decided I should keep it and I accepted. But in the end it was not a good choice and I returned it to him shortly thereafter. The verse was 1st John 1:10…had nothing to do with the boyfriend situation but it really made me think about my relationship with God.

  2. So how ’bout the guy that opened up to the verse, “Jesus went out & hanged himself.” Guy thinks, “Oh, dear, I don’t like that; think I’ll try again.”

    Try # 2: “Go thou & do likewise.”


  3. In the simplist of terms, God speaks to us through many avenues. It’s up to us to acknowledge that path and travel down it. Whatever it is. Thank you for your openness. You say what so much of us don’t.

  4. Many people seem to put God in a box and they themselves define what God can and cannot do. If you say God does not operate that way then you are right because He is fitting inside the box you have created for him. The only thing God does not control is a persons will and so many people have missed out on so much because it did not conform to their idea of how God operated!! Take Him out of the box and in so doing you will take the limits off of what he can do and how he can speak!!!

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