Dear You, listen….

Dear You,

Did you come

to read another

piece of me


Well today,


I want you to read a piece

that might speak of you…

Listen, please…

it’s important.

“Beheld” by:  Marianne Bach

Consider sharing with someone that tugs your heartstrings.

Others might have said bad things, wrong things, unfair things about you.

They bullied, judged, cast aside.

Sticks and stones…

Maybe it was true.

Maybe it wasn’t. (it wasn’t…)

Either way there is healing from brokeness. A peace. A wellness.

YOU are important – YOU are loved – YOU are beautiful – and perfectly made by the One who thought YOU up.

Oh, and YOU – yes you, are made for purpose.

And that’s what I really wanted to share with YOU today.

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5 thoughts on “Dear You, listen….

  1. That was beautiful. Thank you for that reminder today. Have you heard of Bradley Hathaway? You would love his poetry. Keep writing and inspiring us all!

  2. Beautiful post. It takes so much courage to find out who you are and to be it, unafraid of the rejection of man, but boldly reaching for the acceptance of the One who’s made you beautiful just as you are.

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