Thumping Do It

Sitting in a group with others, my mind is completely distracted with
“Eleven. Do it.”

Ugh, the voices are back. Now is NOT the time.

Actually, it’s not a voice but a thought out of nowhere. Completely left field. Like a spark of light. Like seeing a mouse run by, when there should be no mice. It causes a double-triple take as you think, ”what the?…is that what I thought it was?” And you know you will not see the mouse again… at least not during this moment.

And so it goes, you can’t get the idea (or the thought of a mouse) out of your mind. It shouldn’t be ignored. Something should be done with that “thing”.

I used to not understand these fleeting random thoughts—when suddenly the right brain is screaming at the left. And some days I still don’t – hence I write down the oddities in my ‘always-with-me’ notebook, in hopes I’ll have some light bulb insight later.

I’ve also learned, by-and-large, this is a moment to pay attention to. Often I’ve named these moments a “Stir” or “Nudge” (which is a 100% spiritual thing).

So, “Eleven. Do it.” That was random. Yet this time, no need to scratch my head and wonder. Instead, I instantly got it.

At this moment, Thumper was in my lamp. Thumper? It’s my  4.4 pound NIV/Message Parallel Bible— the perfect combo of hard and easy reading. It’s also incredibly impractical for taking to conferences or anyplace where lugging around a mid-size roasting hen would create a hindrance. It has earned its name from my sick-and-twisted humor that goes like this: if Benny Hinn used a like Bible to “Bible-THUMP” people on the head for healing—it’s guaranteed to make them pass out. Yes God’s Word took over that person and knocked them out – but not in the way Benny is claiming.

Only a person claiming to be super holy with super holy powers would carry around a Bible of this girth and weight. I laugh at my choice because I hope to never be like Benny. I don’t claim any powers, and strive to NEVER hurt people with my 4.4 pound Bible – be that emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Hence, somehow I’ve come to lovingly call it Thumper.

So I’m tracking “Eleven. Do it” and there is Thumper.

1 + 1 = 2, or is it 3?

Instinctively I turn to Deuteronomy—because it sounds like Do It. Then quickly roll over to chapter 11….{wait for it}…verse 11.

I promise I’m not playing roulette or some crazy numerology crap. But I do have a thing about “eleven” which won’t be wrapped up in this post. Just know “eleven” is for me. I don’t know why. It just is.

As I’m scanning the page for “Do It 11:11” I see lots of names that are typically a sign of “uh-oh boring stuff ahead.” There’s Dathn, Abiram, and Eliab. Israelites, Reubenities, commands, and decrees. As I get to my verse I feel no better as it starts with, “But the land you are crossing the Jordan…”

It’s really easy for me to stop there and think I just went on a wild goose-chase. Certainly there is NOTHING about Jordan that pertains to me. But I go on. Whatever is happening around me, is now drowned out. Because as I read a warm-chill wraps around my back and into my heart—it feels like a hug. My eyes get misty—and yeah, I needed this. For this year… I needed “Eleven, Do it.”

I figure around a thousand-dozen others MIGHT need it too. And if you came here on some random following a mouse, link, wild goose-chase route… then maybe, just maybe you needed to feel, read, see, hear the same thing. God likes working like that. So here’s the scoop:

MY EMPHASIS ON DO IT ELEVEN (Deut 11:11–14ish)
(10) It’s been a long road, it’s been hard, you’ve struggled to make anything grow. You had to plant it yourself and water it all on your own.
(11) But the land you are NOW entering is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven.
(12) It is a land God cares for; His eyes are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end.
(13) So if you faithfully obey and love God—others—yourself—wholeheartedly,
(14) then he’ll send rain on your land in its season. Wonderful, life-giving rains at all the perfectly right times so that you may gather the new grain, wine, and olive oil.

No need for me to unwrap anything, break this down verse-by-verse, or point out something for you to see. Rather, today, I’m leaving that up to your own Connection for a stir or nudge with just the right type of thump to your heart and soul.


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12 thoughts on “Thumping Do It

  1. Thanks Sherry for listening and sharing! Wowza! I have felt in my heart of hearts that 2012 is the year many will achieve their God given dream. Probably should say God-sized….because for so many of us, if God ain’t in it…ain’t gonna happen.

    These verse are confirmation to me that the wonderful, living giving “rain” is coming! Whoot! Whoot!!

  2. One more thought……..loving journeying with you as God reveals all He has for your life!! Can’t wait to read more about “eleven!”

  3. Now it makes complete sense – it’s all coming together! I LOVE how you teach to focus on what “speaks to you or stirs you” when reading the bible. Definitely a God thing how this particualr one came to you!
    Like Gracie, I look forward to seeing how “Eleven” transforms into your life.

  4. Okay, I have to admit, when I saw the title of this post/blog, I said, “What the?” What does that mean? I’d like to blame it on my curiosity but I think I got the nudge, the stirring, to know more. So I click on the link and read through and there it is: Deut 10:10 describing my long and difficult year of 2011. I read on to verse 11 and my chin drops, my spirit bears witness. In July 2011, God spoke to my spirit and said He was bringing a new rain, a cleansing rain. It rained this past year in July. On Dec 31, 2011, God said He was taking me and my family on a new adventure, literally to move to and live in the mountains. I am blown away by what I am reading, hungry for more I continue reading. He had given us the vision, and now in verses 12-14 He supplies the promise. He also told us that we will be crossing the Jordan, never to return to slavery again. This was the next piece in the vision/the new adventure. He wanted me to see verses 12 through 14. Thank you!

  5. Hmmmm….I just commented on another blog that I love it when God’s Holy Spirit speaks to His own in unity….
    My favorite number has always been 11 (no, I’m not into the numeralogy stuff at all-but in my ADD-ness as a child, I used to count things and when they came up 11 I was especially pleased)…..
    As a little child, I was known as ‘Cynthia’, (there was already a ‘Cindy’ in the class), Later I became Cindy, and now, as a tesimony, (I really am a ‘Cyn R’ saved by His Grace)-and for my ministry, I go mostly by Cyn Rogalski….which uses 11 letters….

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