oh hi monday

Oh Hi Monday.

I got the idea of “oh hi monday” from a simple quote, that seems untraceable back to its rightful owner (author). I posted it here.

Monday is a day we have to crank back up the power–and often the anxiety–and fast pace we must run during the week.

I hate that. And I’m aiming to attempt to thwart Monday’s power with a little bit of joy. So here’s the deal–trying a new thing for Mondays.  Maybe it will stick like spaghetti tossed at the wall. If it sticks it’s ready to eat, if it falls–well then I guess it wasn’t time to be served.  I’ll play and hopefully others will too.

Here’s how it works:

1) on Monday I will post “oh hi monday”
2) I will comment on a bit of joy I had over the last week (likelihood, weekend)

    • joy is not the same as happiness (although they are often linked)
    • joy is more like a moment of gratitude that rests well in your spirit
    • often the joy is small–like a blossom on a tree before spring has arrived, or a walk outside that felt so good, a glass of wine with a friend, a movie that touched the heart
    • sometimes the joy is big–like a trip to Disneyland, or the birth of a baby, a wedding or proposal
    • sometimes it is bitter-sweet–like a smile during a funeral, or a hug shared in a fragile relationship

3) then wouldn’t it be lovely to share your moment of joy, via comment, with the other readers? or share in someone else’s joy by liking or commenting on their joy.

    • sometimes when we don’t feel joy, it helps to hear it from others–especially the smallest of joys–which can lead to the realization that we too DID experience joy, we find it and smile because we DID have it.

Okay so that’s the idea to thwart some of Monday’s un-cool power. Wanna play? I’ll start.

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9 thoughts on “oh hi monday

  1. This last weekend a friend brought me a BIG armful of Forsythia – a wooden branch filled with star-shaped yellow flowers. As I propped them up in a tall vase I felt like spring had entered my home…and along with it, hope. It was the most simple of joys and it did well for my heart.

  2. I met Monday morning with a mix of anticipation and apprehension – but mostly not knowing what the day/week will hold. There is joy in that mix – partly because the options that are facing me are mostly positive and certainly not boring. This time at least I will relish in the joy of unpredictability.

    AND… I like how you applied the spaghetti test to whether your blog is ready or not. So apropo.

  3. What an awesome idea! Joy really does come in the morning and usually only after reflecting back on all the things we can be thankful and joyful for. I was struck last night (technically Monday night here in NZ – but we’ll call it the weekend) by the most incredible flaming red and orange sunset. It reminded me of a line in an old John Denver song, “I’ve seen Him painting fire in the sky”. As the clouds moved and danced over the sky the colours changed hues and the landscape changed like an artist sweeping brush strokes over a canvass. It filled me with hope and joy to think that God does this every night and morning just to remind us to look at him, his creative art, his majesty. It stirred my soul.

  4. I like it Sherry, this will help me realize the joy God is bringing to me in the little things as well as the big things.

    Joy for me this past week was realizing that even though I am on my own and there are a lot of things I don’t have answers too, I felt such joy rumbling up inside me that I had a huge grin on my face and couldn’t equate it to anything else, but His joy residing and bubbling up inside & overflowing. Those are the moments that I have been cherishing.

    Thanks for an awesome format for sharing! You ROCK!

  5. My joy came this Sunday morning as my pastor spoke on ‘keepin’ on” – doing the right thing even when it seems like we’re not getting anywhere. God is working His plan and it will be made known in His time. That was a huge confirmation of all God has been speaking to me – through your Deut. 11:11 blog and other verses He has given me. It greatly encouraged me that this is indeed a year that God will be working His plan in my life.
    I really look forward to your posts – thanks so much, Sherry! God bless you!

  6. I like it. I live in joy because of Jesus. Since Wednesday, there has been deep sorrow on my heart and much ,much time spent in prayer-to the extent there was no energy left for anything else; but there was still joy-His joy. I still haven’t gotten to have my Artsy day, but I will, when this season of prayer is over…..until the next one.

  7. I have to say that one joy I have had recently would be this blog. Sherry, you have a great perspective that hits in all the right ways andcauses me to think when oftne I’ve become too stuck to think anymore. And then I pull up your thoughts for the week and the mind starts to turn again. Thank you.

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