oh hi monday

oh hi Monday.

“oh hi monday” traces back to this original post here.

hate strongly dislike the stigma of Monday. All our talk of Monday being “ick” just makes it worse. There are coffee cups, t-shirts, bumper stickers, all talking about Monday being the worse day of the week. And I get that.

BUT I’m aiming to thwart Monday’s ick-power with bits of joy. You own this post – here’s how it works:

1) Monday’s post = “oh hi monday”
2) Comment on a bit of joy YOU had last week / weekend
3) Share in other commenter’s joy by clicking the “Thumbs Up” by their comment – or even leave a reply about it.

little reminders

  • JOY is not the same as happiness (although they are often linked)
  • JOY is a moment of gratitude that rests well in your spirit
  • often JOY is small–like a blossom on a tree before spring has arrived, or a walk outside that felt so good, a glass of wine with a friend, a movie that touched the heart
  • sometimes JOY is big–like a trip to Disneyland, or the birth of a baby, a wedding or proposal
  • sometimes JOY is bitter-sweet–like a smile during a funeral, or a hug shared in a fragile relationship
  • sometimes when we don’t feel JOY, it helps to hear it from others–especially the smallest of joys–which can lead to the realization that we too experienced joy somewhere along the way the previous week. We find it and smile because we DID have it.

Okay so that’s the idea to thwart some of Monday’s un-cool power. Wanna play? I’ll start.

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6 thoughts on “oh hi monday

  1. My cup runneth over. There were several meetings with beautiful people. A late night phone call with an amazing soul. Prayers were answered, which felt huge – because it’s been a very VERY long time since I’ve had any prayer answered quickly (or to my knowledge). And lastly—as I type with it an aching body—my memories are still fresh from the weekend I spent with sixteen 6th grade girls at Winter Camp (with my church). It was more wonderful than hard. I’m so blessed—I MEAN SO BLESSED—with these moments.

  2. Heard a reggae version of Country Roads by John Denver pouring out of a coffee shop as I walked to work yesterday. Initially I thought this was soooo wrong. How could someone completely trash a great country legend. Curiosity got the better of me so I turned around and went in and ordered my coffee and listened to the rest of the song. The version really grew on me and I found that it filled my soul and I smiled. It was such a small thing but it reminded me of how God wants us to experience his joy in the small things each day. The Jamican free trade coffee was excellent too. Ahhh Monnn-day!

  3. After a pretty much winless season thus far, my daughter’s college basketball team won both games last week – one by her winning shot with .3 seconds left against the undefeated team and the second in OT against a team that beat us by 22 the first time. So happy for the girls as they have worked and played so hard this year.

    Love this post idea (and your reminders of JOY)!

  4. Mondays are my ‘day off’. I don’t HAFTA do anything….so I don’t beat myself up when nothing gets done. HOWever, God usually finds something for me to do…like today I got to minister to my neighbor, talk to a friend and encourage her, and pray for another friend whose husband had surgery today. I love when HIS to-do list gets done.

  5. A moment of great joy was the reappearance of our squirrel “Skippy.” I know that needs some explaining… Last fall the town took down a tree on our property, and out fell a baby squirrel. Mom wouldn’t take him back, so we adopted a three week old rodent and raised him. He was released into the wild (our remaining front tree) on thanksgiving. Since then he has begun to return to a “squirrel state.” He disappears for days at a time, but every so often he returns for a visit and a cuddle.

    “Skippy” reminds me daily of God’s grace and joy and pleasure with us… The joy and affection I feel for a rodent who matters little in our world, and yet who brings great joy in rescuing, reminds me that “who are we that God would care for us…” and yet God takes great delight in rescuing us and giving us life.

    Funny how on those days when I feel most worthless God manages to remind me (even with a rodent) that my value is not based on what I can or cannot do. It is based on who God is and what God has done…

    Thanks for your weekly messages!

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