oh hi monday

oh hi Monday.

“oh hi monday” traces back to this original post here.

hate strongly dislike the stigma of everyone is automatically to have the “Monday icks”.

BUT I’m aiming to thwart Monday’s ick-power with bits of joy. In essence – you the readers own this post – here’s how it works:

1) Monday’s post = “oh hi monday”
2) Comment on a bit of joy YOU had last week / weekend
3) Share in other commenter’s joy by clicking the “Thumbs Up” by their comment – or even leave a reply about it.

little reminders

  • JOY is not the same as happiness (although they are often linked)
  • JOY is a moment of gratitude that rests well in your spirit
  • often JOY is small–like a blossom on a tree before spring has arrived, or a walk outside that felt so good, a glass of wine with a friend, a movie that touched the heart
  • sometimes JOY is big–like a trip to Disneyland, or the birth of a baby, a wedding or proposal
  • sometimes JOY is bitter-sweet–like a smile during a funeral, or a hug shared in a fragile relationship
  • sometimes when we don’t feel JOY, it helps to hear it from others–especially the smallest of joys–which can lead to the realization that we too experienced joy somewhere along the way the previous week. We find it and smile because we DID have it.

Okay so that’s the idea to thwart some of Monday’s un-cool power. Wanna play? I’ll start.

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10 thoughts on “oh hi monday

  1. As I sit here with a major-giant headache, I’m thinking the Monday icks have captured me. And I realize it’s hard to think of good stuff when you’re feeling so icky. So I’m slightly challenged. It took me a moment to recount the good things from a week I spent recovering from a cold. In rethinking – I recall feeling completely giddy after teaching an Art Journaling class (while in the recovery stages of my cold). I made it through the class (while feeling ick) and it was a beautiful class (regardless of how I felt). And for that giddiness I am so grateful, grateful for sharing my passion and for students to fill up classes.

  2. Great idea.

    Three quarters of hating Monday is all in your head.

    I had a great weekend. Some friends came to visit. Still unemployed but feeling positive about the future.

    • When I was still teaching or I used to always tell me students how Monday was my favorite day of the week because of how much I loved school and how sad I would be on Friday because I wouldn’t get to teach or see them for two days. Some of my students suggested that I play school with friends on the weekend to try get by. It became a mental game for both of us and a source of fun or simple joy.

  3. Confession: I love Mondays. I used to loathe Mondays. Until I made Mondays all about ME! Mondays are my day to plan for the week, its my day to spend reading, doing art, blogging, sitting around, watching the dust float around in my room. Mondays…I CHOSE for me to REST, so I guess you could call it my sabbath from everything and everyone else. Its a me and Jesus day.
    ———-and a stay.in.my.jammies.as.long.as.I.want.day.

  4. Sunday was very cool. We had a visiting speaker at church who gave an excellent message on the Holy Spirit and accessing the supernatural. Is was a a real ‘Bethel’ type experience. At the end the speaker said he saw blue angels hovering above us and waiting to impart us with power and gifts. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but then I saw something blue, like a cloud. As the speaker prayed I felt this love like a hurricane blow through me from my head to my feet. It felt like a filling a bucket with a firehose. It was an intense experience and one full of joy. I knew in an instant it was God. It was a crazy weird experience, but then also a really natural familar one. Great was to start the week.

  5. I especially love this Monday since it’s a holiday from work (and my friends are coming over for bible study and playdate! 🙂
    The past week was great – filled with family time, good friends and art journaling!

  6. I got a good Monday feeling when my daughter relayed a funny moment with my granddaughter. Neither me or my daughter celebrate Valentines Day (a day designated to tell someone you love them is so icky, but thats another story) Therefore, this particular 3 year old was not familar with Valentines Day but was aware that some sort of holiday was at hand. She woke her mother up with the declaration that “Today is “Smilin’ Times Day” so we are going to fix you breakfast!! We now have a new holiday on Feb. 14th and I think I like it better than the original!
    Happy Smilin’ Times Day everyone!

  7. Since Friday being sick and in severe pain, thinking about death (I know melodramatic).
    Today (Monday) I remembered something Dr Drew said that in his profession of helping people with addictions the relapse rate is like 87% and they asked him, why than does he do it and he simply said “because of the one” and when that thought crossed my mind I knew that If I did die today i would have touched one, and THAT filled me with joy.

  8. Perhaps this sounds more like a downer… I lost a good friend yesterday… learned about it today. Fitting for Monday most would say. And yet I can still be thankful, despite the tears in my eyes. I am thankful for the life that was lived and shared… the lives touched (like my own)… And I am so thankful that even though I grieve, it is not without hope. Hope that I will see her again… hope that my tears will be dried by a loving hand… faith that she is safe in God’s hands (probably having the time of her life)… and faith that the hole in my heart will fill with good things because I have a good God who does that sort of thing…

    Yes,.. despite the fact that it hurts, and its Monday… it is a good day and I am thankful.

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