oh hi monday

oh hi Monday.

“oh hi monday” traces back to this original post here. (and here, and here)

This is a place where we aim to do away with the Monday icks. And instead replace the “Monday-blues” with gratitude. You own this post – here’s how it works:

1) Monday’s post = “oh hi monday”
2) Comment on a bit of joy YOU had last week / weekend
3) Share in other commenter’s joy by clicking the “Thumbs Up” by their comment – or even leave a reply about it.

little reminders

  • JOY is not the same as happiness (although they are often linked)
  • JOY is a moment of gratitude that rests well in your spirit
  • often JOY is small–like a blossom on a tree before spring has arrived, or a walk outside that felt so good, a glass of wine with a friend, a movie that touched the heart
  • sometimes JOY is big–like a trip to Disneyland, or the birth of a baby, a wedding or proposal
  • sometimes JOY is bitter-sweet–like a smile during a funeral, or a hug shared in a fragile relationship
  • sometimes when we don’t feel JOY, it helps to hear it from others–especially the smallest of joys–which can lead to the realization that we too experienced joy somewhere along the way the previous week. We find it and smile because we DID have it.

Okay so that’s the idea. Wanna play? I’ll start.

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5 thoughts on “oh hi monday

  1. Another week of super highs and extreme lows. I could let those lows take over. But in the end my heart is filled with gratitude. I should count my blessings any week I’ve had the opportunity to share my deepest passion (art/creativity instruction).

    I’ve come to see that I could have had the worst week ever – but to end it with teaching a workshop and seeing others “come to life” in their creativity is a gift and it fills me with so much joy.

    I will be ever thankful that God allowed my life to be turned upside-down and inside-out – so that I could be moved into a path and career that God had in mind before I was a pearl in my mom’s belly.

  2. I walk in the door saying to myself, “That was not how Monday morning was supposed to start.” I read over the posts, devotionals, blogs…One thing is apparent above all else, Jesus! I speak His name and Hope is infused. I look out at the rain falling softly and even wildly at times and I am reminded of His faithfulness! He is present. He is here and I am grateful. Simple gratitude that brings joy!

  3. Monday was a bit of a Garfield ‘I hate Monday’ day. It dragged on and was FULL of meetings that kept me from my work. During they day though I began to realise that it was a ‘people’ day and that every meeting went to was about connection, helping people to feel better about themselves, and hopefully planting some seeds of faith (hopefully). I felt God was at work, working alongside me, prodding me. Perhaps Monday’s as Garfield once said are, “The first day of the rest of your life”.

  4. 2 weeks of stress filled sick days, and yet This weekend was so powerful seeing God’s love through Jesus and understanding a little bit more of His goodness. WOW so much to say but words escape me.

    Thank you Sherry for helping me to stop and realize His goodness is what I need to dwell on.

  5. This week Monday spoke to me of desert places… barren and devoid of life. It is technically a day off for me, and I hid… from the phone, the door, from life. Exhaustion has set in and Monday I embraced it. And I remembered that even farmers need to let the land rest (fallow) if they wish continued productivity. So then my challenge is to welcome a space of fallow instead of seeing a place of wasteland.
    Reminded of Elijah fleeing across the desert to hide in a cave (if only I could claim to have slain the prophets of Ba’al!) and being met and ministered to by God…
    That’s what this blog does for me… it meets me in that desert place and reminds me that even here… even on Monday… God is God and is here.

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