oh hi monday

oh hi Monday.

“oh hi monday” traces back to this original post here.

hate strongly dislike the stigma of Monday. All our talk of Monday being “ick” just makes it worse. There are coffee cups, t-shirts, bumper stickers, all talking about Monday being the worse day of the week. And I get that.

BUT I’m aiming to thwart Monday’s ick-power with bits of joy. You own this post – here’s how it works:

1) Monday’s post = “oh hi monday”
2) Comment on a bit of joy YOU had last week / weekend
3) Share in other commenter’s joy by clicking the “Thumbs Up” by their comment – or even leave a reply about it.

little reminders

  • JOY is not the same as happiness (although they are often linked)
  • JOY is a moment of gratitude that rests well in your spirit
  • often JOY is small–like a blossom on a tree before spring has arrived, or a walk outside that felt so good, a glass of wine with a friend, a movie that touched the heart
  • sometimes JOY is big–like a trip to Disneyland, or the birth of a baby, a wedding or proposal
  • sometimes JOY is bitter-sweet–like a smile during a funeral, or a hug shared in a fragile relationship
  • sometimes when we don’t feel JOY, it helps to hear it from others–especially the smallest of joys–which can lead to the realization that we too experienced joy somewhere along the way the previous week. We find it and smile because we DID have it.

Okay so that’s the idea to thwart some of Monday’s un-cool power. Wanna play? I’ll start.

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4 thoughts on “oh hi monday

  1. Looking back over my previous week, it’s glaringly obvious to me that I was battling a pretty nasty cold turned awful. But the highlight was over the weekend in two forms: 1) my first day of truly feeling better and being able to take a mini-hike and I could actually smell spring – I had tremendous gratitude for the antibiotics working and for the “smell of spring”, and 2) meeting up with a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in years (and my years I’m figuring about 25 years). I felt so much joy sitting and catching up. And in the course of our conversation something was said that had great meaning to me. I count it a divine appointment.

  2. Well, I like Mondays but I want to play so here goes.

    One of the joys this week-end was watching my kitten explore the balcony. That’s the only outside he will see as I live in a high-rise. Anyway, it was wonderful seeing him discover plants and dirt in pots and feeling the wind…Reminded me that we only see things for the first time once and they are to be seen fully with appreciation.

  3. You are “on” to something here!! I normally dislike Mondays, so this new twist is going to help!
    I relish in the highlight of the phone call from our oldest daughter telling me that we are “Getting the best of both worlds.” She is expecting twins, one boy and one girl. Then my weekend started off with a glass (or two) of wine with a life long friend who loves me for me and is a great cheerleader!! Saturday we got to visit my mother in law, our oldest son and our baby girl. Always does this Momma’s heart good to spend time with her grown children!
    Spent Saturday evening with a group of friends, laughing over Sangria’s and soup!
    Of course, Sunday morning was spent worshipping my King! Always refreshes and restores my soul…Plus, youth pastor announced to the church his first born son had arrived. So, cool!
    I ended the weekend once again basking in the simple things which bring me oh, so much joy!!

  4. I’ve missed your Monday comments Sherry. I hope that doesn’t mean a return to the Monday blahs?!

    Monday this week was for me a real blessing. Skippy, the squirrel I wrote about earlier, had gone missing about 3 weeks ago. He left home to pursue other squirrel (spring time) activities and didn’t return. I worried a bit about cars and cats, but finally ended up giving him to God to care for… like God ever gave up.

    Yesterday Skippy came home like a college student on reading break. Sat in the peanut tray and snacked out, sucked back some fresh water and camped out in his house for a night… then gone again. The only thing missing in this picture is the little squirrel laundry to wash and iron!

    It felt just like a small reminder that we do our best, and leave the rest to God… and God will carry through on his end of the deal. He is faithful… even if we do mess up more often than not.

    Hope you had a great day…
    Peace, and peanuts.


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