Spring Ahead

The winter months are ending and spring is around the corner. Yes, already.

And it’s already the weekend to “spring forward” our clocks. How did that happen so soon?

During these winter months, I’ve been a very busy chick-a-dee. Many of you know me as a writer and creativity coach/art-teacher – but there’s something else I’ve been doing behind the scenes. It’s something I naturally lightly weave into my writing and creativity workshops. It’s the pebble you see in my hands above that says “believer.”  Some of you might have even noticed this “behind the scenes thing” on a page on this website.

I’ve been busy as a Life Coach (wondering what that is? perfect!). But, first, let’s get back to the season upon us.

I wish the New Year was scheduled during Spring. It seems we’re more ready to move forward, take on new projects, and shed our winter coats that provided a warm and insulated cocoon. Spring makes us think of “springing forward.”  We think about deep cleaning, planting seeds, and starting new things. Sometimes we want to do those things—figuratively or literally—but something holds us back. We get a little stuck. A little afraid. Because let’s be honest—change is hard. And we don’t need to fail (again).

How about you? Have you been yearning a fresh start, a new thing, or planting some seeds that have been sitting in your heart? Spring seems to give us courage, but sometimes courage isn’t enough—it should be—but truth be told it just isn’t. Encouragement and accountability are key. Here ‘s why:

Any growth—be it physical, mental, or spiritual—is not found in comfort. It’s found in effort. Like sweat and busting through some fears and taking chances. Effort needs support via encouragement and accountability to maintain momentum.

Just like any athlete that trains, singer that performs, or contestant on the Biggest Loser—they all have coaches that know how to properly push and make the participants efforts count. They know how to encourage and inspire momentum. And, well, that’s what I do with women in regards to “life.”

While I’ve been involved with career/business style coaching over the last 15-years, it’s in the last two years that I’ve become certified (CLC & PCC) and started practicing a specialized personal coaching style that comes from a Christian and scripture based model.

I’ve worked with writers, speakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, those breaking into a new phase of life, and women just simply wondering what the next step is—or what their purpose is <– some of my favorite peeps (clients). Some coaches specialize in weight loss, or becoming published. As for me, over time and through my practice, I’ve learned my coaching-strengths are in two areas:

1) Helping you find purpose, and ways to move forward no matter how stuck you feel. I guide a process of setting goals and showing you how to achieve them in ways that you – yes you – CAN actually do.  It doesn’t matter what the goal is—starting a fitness/eating plan (I don’t use the “D” word), a new project, a new path, etc… There are very specific ways to go about it that will increase your success rate. AND,

2) Moving you through and repairing thoughts that are causing you hurt and might be holding you back from living a beautiful wholehearted life. This is a scripture-supported type of thought-management work. So what type of thoughts you ask? Simply it’s any thought(s) you continually have on repeat that cause you unnecessary pain or hurt. This part of the coaching process brings me buckets of bliss as my clients “get it.” Suddenly the things that used to hurt, hurt less and less. They take control of all the wrong thoughts and start having NEW thoughts that are in-line with God’s view of them and circumstances. And when new circumstances come up that could bring on unnecessary pain—they are armed with a tool that helps them halt the downward-spiral.

In both of these areas, I support you alone, provide accountability (in a good, supportive, I’m-on-your-side way), and have no other agenda than your wholehearted success. And if you’ve been reading me—then you know my heart—I simply do not judge—in fact I’m a pretty arms open welcoming type of gal. And I have an odd and uncanny ability to hear the things you aren’t saying. Over time we might even take those things out of their cocoon and you’ll find beautiful butterfly wings with which to fly.

Okay, so here’s the shameless plug. For the spring session (March & April) I have 6 openings and would love to see if we are a good fit for a coaching relationship. I only work with woman (sorry guys—but if you’re interested please check out www.christiancoaches.com — it’s a network of coaches I belong to and trust— they have amazing coaches that work with men). And because all appointments are done via phone, it doesn’t matter where you live. And to make things even more interesting, I’m discounting these six spots at 40% off my single session rate. It’s a spring sale! To find out more about what I do and what this Life Coaching thing is all about please visit by web pages dedicated to this subject here and here. Or shoot me an email and we’ll just chat about it over the phone.

So… is something in you saying, “well, maybe this Spring—the thing I want to do could work?”  Whatever your “thing” is—I would be honored to play in a role in helping you get there, giving encouragement, and inspiring momentum. It’s part of what I wholeheartedly love to do.

One last note – if this is soooooo not for you, cool deal. But if there is someone in your heart that might benefit…well you’d flatter me to no end by forwarding this post along. You’ve become hearts with ears/feet.

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  1. LOVE all that you do to help people and that God has set you on this path. No one I know works harder than you or has as much heart and passion as you do for helping others, be it thru art, coaching, writing or friendship!

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