Bits of Truth

“You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.” ~ Ηράκλειτος (aka: Herakleitos or Heraclitus of Ephesus – c.535 BC – 475 BC, Greek philosopher

I love this quote, it applies to so many things in life. I have read the same passages of books, listen/sung the same lyrics to a song, etc… All identical, yet each time these things strike me differently. Often I think this is exactly why the Word is called living….It’s not stagnant – but alive and always applicable. Striking a new chord in me.

And if you’re looking for a way to creatively express & journal this quote – head on over to create●he/ART for the weekly Art Journaling prompt associated with this quote. And while you’re there…maybe there is a creativity or art class that will spark your interest.

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2 thoughts on “Bits of Truth

  1. So you know about my squirrel. (that shouldn’t sound as bad as it does). I have another one. A friend of mine called up about three weeks ago with another baby squirrel asking if I’d look after it. Like I’m going to say no.

    I’ve been here before. About the same age, same colour… But it has been a very different experience. It’s a different squirrel. (I know, like that means much. But really, there’s a different personality.) And more, I am a different person. I’m not as nervous, more observant…

    Truly we can never have the same experience twice for if it is not the experience that changes, it is us who have been changed.

    Thanks for the art prompt. I’ll see what I can do…


  2. Sherry thanx for yet another excellent perspective. I enjoyed the read so much, I’ll share it with others I think it may help to read. Thanx again.


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