No Me. Know Me.

KNOWThis week I was deeply honored to be interviewed by Inspire Writers. Basically being able to share in detail what I creatively do for work.

In short, it’s about part of my day job.

NO me
So this week I’m off in the heart of the heartland visiting my family in the Dakotas. I KNOW, THE DAKOTAS – REALLY?!! Yeah, I didn’t grow up there, but my family somehow ended up in that neck of the woods. It’s only about 10 years behind current times. And everyone drives 35 miles per hours. Everywhere. Always. Seriously. Ugh.

Oh and my oldest nephew, the one I filmed being birthed, can drive now. Please pray for my safety. I’m pretty sure that it’s a requirement of coolest aunts to bravely sit in the passenger seat while their nephew proves his driving skills. (omgosh I don’t want to die yet)

Any ways, what I’m saying is while I’m there please jump on over and have a look at the interview with Inspire Writers. They are ALL good people, an amazing organization that helps writers by leaps and bounds, and I love working with this group (consider joining if you are in the greater Sacramento region). And maybe, just maybe you’ll find what I “really” do (besides writing) to be a bitty bit interesting.
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  1. Awesome Article!!! As a student of yours I can attest to experiencing everything you describe – and more!!

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