Bits of Truth

“There are always things to miss,” said Maggie. “No matter where you are.”  ~ from the book Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan

Such a simple sentiment, yet when you think on it for a bit, the Truth of it runs so deep. Life is less than perfect. In fact we were told to expect some bumps along the way (Matt 5:45 just to name one of many). And not just life and people, but circumstances too. Yet, if those people – places – things – were gone…there are things you would miss. It truly fits the old cliché “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” See the rose for the thorns. And I know it’s hard sometimes. Trust me, I know. But in the worst you can choose to cherish and find ways to be grateful in the smallest of good things.

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One thought on “Bits of Truth

  1. Finding ways to be grateful even in the smallest of things is so important. Life in full of sorrow, but it is also full of joy. Situations and emotions are temporary, and if we can figure out ways to persevere through the difficult patches, better times are sure to come. Thanks for sharing.

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