Fat Angels and Twerps

Sometimes I fool myself into thinking it’s too late to try to patch up something I mucked up. Badly.

Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I should continue to harbor resentment towards those that did me wrong.

Sometimes I absolutely justify the idea of giving that person who stole my parking spot a dirty (shooting daggers) glare.

Sometimes I’m certain, that certain people don’t deserve grace. That I’ve given them more grace than they deserved. The ones who lied. Those who stole, and defamed, and took my penny when I didn’t have a penny to give.

Sometimes I make “boundaries” that are far beyond acceptable.

Sometimes I see a 2 minute and 22 second short film and I think – yeah, I need to get over myself in thinking: it’s too late, keep resentments, shoot daggers, never offer grace, and make sure they can never ever hurt me–or anyone else–again.

Watch, draw your own conclusions. I’d rather be the skinny twerp than a fat angel with small wing syndrome. (yet, it’s so easy to be the fat angel)


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6 thoughts on “Fat Angels and Twerps

  1. Oh, that was clever! Good on you for finding and sharing that video. A timely, graphic reminder. Now excuse me…I need to go out for some donuts.

    • {he-he-he} yes, it did make me want some sprinkle donuts too. I just love how a short little movie with no words can make such a strong point. Glad you liked it 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Soul Studio and commented:

    It’s national donut day?! Had NO idea – and it TOTALLY fits with this quick inspiring blog post & mini video. Come see how a mini film with a donut might change your perspective ♥

  3. Yes, very cute video to depict your very wise words. Thanks once again for your honesty and your gift for helping me stay in check with my attitudes and actions!

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