Moving Truths

Oh my. It’s Thursday and the truth is, I’ve got a zillion things to write about and only 3 minutes to spare.

Reason? Moving.

Serious hard work. And my lack of planning on how much stuff I’ve built up in my life has overwhelmed me. To the point that I don’t have time to write something clever. BUT I will say this, there are plenty a lesson to learn when moving:

  1. We all have more stuff than we need. Point being I have a Belgian Waffle maker – used once. I have Gorham Crystal and Portmeirion from 20+ years ago. I think it’s been 18 years since I’ve used any of it. And yet I lug it around because they are gifts given with meaning… or just worth too much to give away. TRUTH: I need to let go of this stuff. And more… It is a burden and once it’s gone I’ll be okay – but the getting rid of is really really emotionally hard to do.
  2. I hate moving. Yeah, I do and it’s a lot of work. For many reasons I find myself needing to move – even though I love where I live. But certain circumstances that come with this place have become intolerable. So I made a choice. TRUTH: I am learning to just be okay with the work that comes with moving. Heck it’s probably the best workout I’ve had all year. And I will just come to terms and accept the fact and have a good attitude that moving every two years could be a new way of life for me. At least for now. Of course I hope where I’m moving to, I can be for a very long time. I love my new home MUCH. Staying for 10 years would be wonderful! It will take a little God-action to make this happen – so yeah, I pray for that.
  3. I love moving. I know, I know, I just said I hated it. But there are so many other good things. TRUTH: Fresh starts. Clean everything. Purging. Etc…

So, all that said, my three minutes are up. And my advice to you (again kettle calling the pot black): take a drawer a week and clear it out. Get rid of what you don’t need. And clear away the grime that you don’t see – TRUST ME – it’s there (something that I really want to write about next week, as I now feel I have much to say on the subject).
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10 thoughts on “Moving Truths

  1. Sherry, this post really hit home with me… After my divorce, I thought my three teenagers and I were going to have to move from our home of 15 years, their childhood home. So, I was packing things up, house hunting, and trying to find a way to stay in our home, all at the same time. I had at least half the house packed into cardboard boxes when I was able (despite having no job/career, only spousal & child a little support) to get a loan in order to keep our house. Here we sit now, with all the boxes still packed, because of my intention to paint this place before putting everything back out… Having gone through all of this, I know exactly what you mean about the clutter we collect, how we really need to let go (especially of things we don’t use), but how difficult it is. I JUST discovered Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance books (late as ever, but at just the right time for me) and have found a lot of help there on getting rid of clutter. Basically, she says that if an item means enough to you to keep, you’ll either use it or find a way to display it prominently — otherwise, especially if you haven’t used it in a year, it should go. She also recommends your approach of taking a drawer, or a shelf, or one corner of a room at a time and clearing it out. I really appreciate this approach, because, as she says, if we try to do more than that at once, we can become overwhelmed, lose heart completely, and give up totally. Thank you for this reminder!… Good luck with your move — I pray it will go smoothly and be a renewing experience!

    • Thank you and WOW – great advice – thanks Patricia. I was also told the trick (and used it when I moved into this place) to put all the hangers in the closet backwards. Then as I wore things I would put the hanger the right way. Then after a year (going through all the seasons) – look for hangers still backwards, and purge those clothes. I’ve got some purging to do there too. Oy Vey! Good luck with your “stay-move.”

  2. Love the hanger “trick”. I’ll give it a try… Thanks, Sherry ~ I’m so glad I found your blog!

  3. This is off-topic, Sherry, but I just read here at your blog that you are a fan of the author Anne Lamott. I’m not familiar with her and wonder if you could recommend one of her books as an introduction. Thank you.

    • Patricia – thanks for finding me. Okay Anne can be “colorful” in her language and is about as real as one can get — showing all the dirt of life, yet still trying to live a life of faith. The books I’d start with are
      1) Traveling Mercies / Some Thoughts on Faith THEN
      2) Plan B / Further Thoughts on Faith and THEN
      3) Grace (Eventually) / Thoughts on Faith.
      After that all her books are wonderful – but those are the first 3 I recommend in that order. Hope you like her, she’s inspiring for many.

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