Back to School – the New Year

I know it’s not just me. We’re all in shock how school starts earlier and earlier.

It’s ridiculous. Right?

Back in my early days, school started after Labor Day. Which was exactly why the mall was packed from the Labor Day sales. There you could find discounts on shoes, P.E. outfits, clothes, #2 pencils, ruled-paper, Trapper-Keeper binders, and Pee-Chee folders.

But then there was the year when school started on Thursday BEFORE Labor Day. It was ludicrous that we’d start school in the middle of the week, pre-holiday. That same year the cruddy English teacher gave us a written homework assignment due after the holiday weekend.

I never did get along with her.

Regardless of when, or how early, school started—I was always excited. It was a fresh start. It was the year I would neatly record all my homework assignments. And do them. I would be loyal to my friends (and never let a boyfriend come between us). I’d make it the year I’d be nice to ALL my teachers and win them over with my engaging gregarious ways. I would pass Algebra II and keep my locker clean. I would not get detention.

And I would do really, REALLY good.

At first.

The start of the school year has become the “universally” accepted time of renewal. Really it’s the “New Year.” Not just for kids and college age, but adults too. All of us big-kids.

We all get excited for this type of change.

A change in pace—there’s time for new things. A coming change in weather. A change in eating and exercise. A change in how we are going to accomplish the goals we had in mind that got put off—because summer got the best of us. And we really do want to make it happen this time.

And I wish I knew then what I know now—how to keep my stamina going. Even when there are setbacks and surprises. Even when life happens.

I wish someone had given me practical advice that worked. That I could really apply—that wasn’t trite and over-motivationally preachy. Just real stuff that worked. Without the hype and non-sense.

It wasn’t until my 30s that I started to figure it out (through plenty of trial and error, learning and reading, teachers with sage advice). And this information was so vital I got some specific credentials in my 40s to do what I do now.

Honestly, this is something they should be teaching in schools. For free. Right now. Because we all have tremendously good intentions with amazing and great ideas. And it all starts off so good. But then something happens.

That “something” can be anything—or nothing. But all too often that “something” gets us a little stuck.Are you stuck? Life Coaching works!

Stuck, sucks. It really does.

The truth we know is that “stuck” does NOT resolve itself on its own (positively). Ever.

So, what if I told you—you can get unstuck? Positively and pretty quickly. Or learn something right now as you take flight on a new thing—so that you, can keep you, from getting suck. And for the rest of your days you’d be aware if and when you’re getting stuck. A couple of secrets that help you avoid the sucking stucking stuff.

If any of that just made your heart thumpty-bump a bit harder, or made a butterfly wake up in your tummy—then maybe this next bit is for you.

Yup, talking about Life Coaching. I suppose it’s a relatively new phrase—but the practice has been around a long time. Every coach has their own style. You can read up on my style here. And just like those Labor Day sales—I too have a little something to offer. Might not be for everyone—but it might be perfect for you.

AP means Advanced Placement, but I like to think of it as Accelerated Package. This isn’t a long drawn out thing. It’s quick, to the point, and well—kinda awesome because you get so many tools. Here’s the details:

  1. Two months of my style coaching reeved-up into an AP course.
  2. During those two months, we’ll talk via phone SIX times for 45-minutes each time. (doesn’t matter where you live)
  3. You get homework…but let’s call it fun-work—because it is.
  4. In SIX sessions we’ll stay on track and cover, so you’ll discover how to:
    • Recognize your purpose (and dream) at this stage/season of your life
    • Make goals that work (then chomp at them with bite-sizes that challenge, yet, work for you)
    • Own your thoughts (aka: stop the repeat junk you’re thinking that is wrecking you)
    • Life-balance (figure out why good days are good—and how to make more of them)
    • Create your Non-Negotiables (how to survive the decision-making process in ways that honor YOU)
    • A bank of tailor-made Self-Care and Rewards that keep you, keepin’ on
  5. To see the “Labor Day” promotional fee click here

Oh, and yes, I still offer traditional coaching that hones-in on very specific things–but in this AP Course we move quickly. It’s still focused on you, your needs, your life–but at a quicker AP style. Because you’re supah smart and can do this!

The AP course doesn’t dwell on “your story” for too long. And don’t get me wrong, your story matters. It matters to me, just like it does to you. Life coaching should always take your story into consideration—because it’s a part of your history and sometimes part of the sucking stucking stuff.

But, and I really want you to hear this, when your story is so strong—and present—and huge—and in your way,(and please know I’m giving you a big giant hug when I say this), you need someone else. Coaches like me, don’t pretend we can do therapy. And coaches that do (because it happens) are doing a disservice to the rest of us “good coaches.”

If for some reason we get started and somehow we both missed the mark that therapy is the next right step for you—I’ll let you know. Because I care so much about you and your well-being. Locally I know several outstanding beautifully-hearted women therapists. Some aren’t taking patients, some are. And if you’re local, I’ll refer you to my trusted friend Karen Cook, MFT (while she still has openings). I wholeheartedly trust her. She’s amazing (and currently as I type, you’ll get her at a rate that’s comparable to my coaching… but that’s only right now… just sayin’).

So, if you’re thinking “hummm, maybe my story is taking too big of a role in my life and hurting more than helping” then please, please take a step in that direction.

But if your story is in check, and you think that this school-year is your New Year and are determined to do the thing you KNOW you want to do—whatever that may be—and you don’t want any of the sucking stucking stuff stopping you again—then I would be honored to walk with you.

I’ll show you the things they didn’t teach us in school. The stuff that will help you on ANY path of determination you’re on. I want you to ROCK your life, your purpose, and your thoughts—so that you can fly. Crazy high.

You can start with a simple email to me, then we’ll have a freebie call. I’ll get a dose of you–you get a dose of me. And if we click, that’s how easily it starts.

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3 thoughts on “Back to School – the New Year

  1. Thanks for bringing me back to my wonderful childhood memories of shopping for school clothes (and saddle shoes)with my mom at KiddieWorld Fashion. My sisters and I would try on all kinds of outfits, then we’d go wait out in the car with dad while mom surprised us on which outfits we got.

    But thanks even more for helping me to “look at the New Year” frequently with everything I learn from you through your art jounaling classes, your coaching tips and mostly, your friendship. Love you and all you do to help/heal others. ❤

  2. I don’t have anybody going back to school this year, but I decided to stop & look at the stuff anyway. I found a nifty little plastic case for 47c and a couple pink erasers. That concludes my back-to-school shopping for this time.

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