Only You – Part II

Yep, were back to talking about your thing?

Have you been thinking about it?

Did you start writing down things you did as a kid / teen? Stuff you did a lot.

Could you tie it back to something you do now, or are overwhelmingly passionate about (even if nothing looks overwhelmingly obvious of its presence in your life).

It’s something that you’re kind of natural at. It comes easy for you–or even if you have to learn more about that “thing” you don’t mind–because you really enjoy it and learning about it.

Last week, when I said it could be related to Legos, I wasn’t kidding.

It’s always amazing to me when I coach others on this topic. The treasure hunt is exciting and so fascinating. And what blows me away is that no matter what season you’re in, no matter what you’re doing, or what your job, hobby, relationships are–there is a way to use your “thing.”

…whatever your thing is.

So this week I wanted to demonstrate in a short video how Legos, or talking, or listening, or being creative, or a story-teller…even EATING can be a clue to your thing.

Now this kid…Salvador Mateo, he liked to eat. Just look at him, you can tell he’s a fan of food. AND that’s oddly part of his thing. Sadly, what he ate was unhealthy (aka: Happy Meals).

That’s part of his thing too.

And he and his buddy, Julio Madrigal, live in a less-than-lovely part of Oakland (a town near me). And while location is a circumstance, it began to shape the next season of Salvador and Julio’s lives. And I can see how these two use their gifts and circumstances in only a way that they could. A special recipe of them.


To find out about EAT GRUB, please visit Planting Justice.

So did you hear the last thing Salvador said? He said “we’re doing it.”  Yes they sure are! Doing their thing.

So seriously. Please investigate and invest in discovering your thing. You were made for something special. Something that will make a small or large part of this world better.

So do you know what that is?





I hope you do, and I hope you are rocking “it” !!
(and, I kid you not, if you don’t know, and if you’re tired of the ache, maybe there’s something you and I can do to help you see what it really could be)

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