Shell Shock

I know it’s not Friday – but on the rare occasion I just have to share.

Right then and there. Now.

Here’s the deal, sometimes it feels like all the glitter falls off, over the smallest of things.

Today I had one of those moments. In the midst of a good day, something happened, and my glitter fell off.

(my glitter = internal joy. contentment.)

It was a smallish matter, but it got me. It got me good. And as soon as I could, I got into my car and let the silent tears fall all over my shirt.

Only three hours prior I had been listening to a friend, who was having a tender authentic moment with a group of women. She was working to emotionally hold things together as she spoke. She’s a brave one.

She proceeded to tell us about this project going on at

The short story, about the project, is that every day you move an object from one box to another box for a set number of days. The objects are not what matters, as they can be paperclips, bottle caps, an acorn, whatever. It’s what you do when you move the object that matters.

At the end of the day, when you hold the object and prepare to transfer it, you reflect on three things about your day. Did you:

  • Love well
  • Live Fully
  • Let Go Deeply

Then she gave each us a shell, “an object”, and asked us to consider doing this today.

That was three hours ago, three hours before my glitter fell off.

So back in the car, losing my mascara, something in my pocket is bugging me. I shove my hand in and pull out the shell.

What was it she said about that?… something about loving, or living. Or…oh I remember “letting go.”

Seriously? Letting go? Yeah, no, not this. Not now!

I drove off not wanting to deal with the shell and my de-glittering. I smarty-mouth prayed as I drove, “God what the heck is going on. You have GOT TO make this easier for me. So what? Do I consider that this is a path You are not lighting? Or do I fight with all my might? I need to hear from You right now.”

He had nothing to say. So to make myself feel better I stopped and ate some hot and salty fries.

I got home and napped, because that’s what any smart girl should do. Nap. Sleep on it. Get some perspective. Let the initial sting subside.

I woke up to the thing in my pocket leaving a dent on my thigh. It’s like that shell had twisted in my pocket just so, so that it would make the most impact—denting me.

So the shell woke me up, the one I didn’t want to address. I went into my studio, and stared at it in my hand.

And as if the shell could talk, I could feel the words. Let. It. Go.

Today I had a bad moment. I let it get to me. And yet, this shell was there, long before my glitter fell off. Did God knew I was going to need a little help today. And it came in the form of a shell. Really?

It’s kinda wild…

And I don’t have any answers right now except this: Let it go. Because if I don’t, then I won’t be able to Love Well, or Live Fully.

Maybe for you too, you need a shell? I’d give you mine if I could. If there is something you need to let go of, even if just for a moment so that you can give and receive love and life, try to do it. I will too. I promise.

On a side note… consider joining up at for the 137 day project. I’ll be there…

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5 thoughts on “Shell Shock

  1. Sherry,
    I am amazed at God’s timing here. Thank you so much for this. It melted my heart. Slowly thawing, layer by layer. Thanks friend for sharing your heart again.

  2. While I love the gift of an additional post, I’m sad it came at the expense of your tears. So thank you for sharing your heart and another project I can apply to my life to be a better person. And yes, it will be so hard to never pick up some things ever again.

  3. I can sooooo relate! I just have to choose again and again darn-it to let it go 🙂 Thank you Sherry!

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