Spelling Errors

Is there something going on with the planets this week that I need to know about? Something that would make people become… ill-mannered, insane, and down-right idiotic?

Not that I think planets and their alignment have anything to do with anything, although I will always leave room for the mysteries of God to do His thing—I mean who knew that the ooze of an Aloe Vera plant on the skin, Chamomile flowers steeped in water to drink, or even the aroma of Lavender would soothe irritations? Well, so if there are mysterious things built into plants by the Creator, then why not planets?

Who knows?! (I digress).  Let me get back on track.

Regardless, something is going on. And it seems that everyone I’m running into needs more patience and grace from me than usual. Including me.

And I suppose if I think everyone else needs more grace…then maybe…maybe this is more about me than it is them. Hummm.

Ever had a day, week, month or more like that?

Yeah, me too.

It’s been a week when I’ve really had to decide what battles do I deem so important that I am willing to go down in flames over…if need be. What issues was I willing to eat me alive and make me useless? What bit of truth, that I felt I needed to tell someone, was worth doing (let alone by me).

Every day in the last seven days has presented me with a sizable struggle.

And the truth is, not a single one of them required me going to battle, letting it consume me, and certainly did not require me inserting myself with immediate intervention in someone else’s life.

Well, no one else except myself.

Often when I want to focus on something, I write a very simple thought or word on an index card and place it in front of my computer monitor. And in feeling like I need to coach myself with some self-intervention I wrote on an index card:

“What’s really my Responsability”

Just like that. And set it on my monitor stand.

And then I stared. Something looked wrong.

I don’t know if it was meant to be, but that word “Responsability” just looked odd. I pulled up my word-processing program and typed


Sure enough, it put that little red squiggly line underneath the misspelled word. I let the computer fix the error, set to memory how to spell it right, then pulled out a new index card to fix the hand written error I’d made. And that’s when it hit me.

Response + Ability = ResponsAbility (Responsibility)

My ability to give myself (and others) grace, my ability to breathe before reacting, my ability to chill out before going to war is MY RESPONSIBILITY. And if I’m not “able” then I’d better not “respond.” (else I will need someone else’s grace and forgiveness).

Now, whether everyone else was truly at fault and deserving of a dose of me that week is debatable. But it wasn’t the point in the end. What I knew, is I am that only person that I can without a doubt say I’m 103% responsible for. Including my ability to react (respond to life) in the best way I know how (and with buckets of grace).

Oh goodness! Writing about how to exactly do that is an entirely different post (or book). And truth be told, everyone has their own proven ways to chill-out, count to ten (or fifty-three), and nap before taking action (if any action is should be taken at all).

There are no “5 easy steps to live” in this post. Nope.

Rather–and really–all I wanted to do today was demonstrate I’m a pretty bad speller, but even that was a gift to me in the end. At least this time.

By the way, I never did fix the index card. It was prefect to begin with.

And if you’d like your own misspelled reminder card, I made one for you here.

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8 thoughts on “Spelling Errors

  1. In the ever-raging argument as to whether you have devotions in the morning or the evening, this is the reason why I choose morning: If I wait to evening, I am always saying sorry for how I have responded through the day. If I take some time in the morning, I am more likely to respond from a place of grace and peace… or not. I still find myself saying sorry an awful lot… which I guess reminds me to allow others that freedom as well.

    Thanks for the card. I shall enjoy having it on my desk and the conversations it will provoke.

  2. It has been you who has been so generous in sharing your journey with us! How many would rather live in obscurity and silence the inner voice. Yet you speak out and embolden many. Thank you… and keep on… And may the vaults of heaven open up in showering you with blessing.

  3. Sherry, you said, “Every day in the last seven days has presented me with a sizable struggle.” I find myself saying, “I hear ya sister!” (metaphorically and not as in overstepping boundaries). Needless to say when the struggle was in a very dear and close friendship, I found myself asking God, “What is going on?” It might sound like an overused and contrite saying, but it is exactly what I needed at the time: “Let go and let God.” I don’t have it down by any means but I am practicing my ability to let go (and also being wise to know when it is necessary to speak up) 🙂

    • Much agreed. In all cases I become more aware that, that usually, it’s best to let go. It’s something I’ve been intentionally practicing all week. And yeah, I don’t have it down either- but without practice I never will. So each day I try again, and some parts actually get a bitty bit easier.

    • my goodness, you have blessed me – I am feeling overwhelmed – I am so humbled…I have no words except thank you. (good grief, I will be wasting makeup today)

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