I like details. Period.

I like written agendas and a detailed syllabus.

I like maps—especially the ones with a red dot that says “YOU ARE HERE.”

I like blueprints—the overview/big picture of the structure, then the following pages of elevations, electrical design, overhead trusses, and foundation.

I like organizational charts, trip itineraries, the table of contents, and cookbooks—with enticing descriptions and pictures.

I like to know what is going on and how it will happen. What I should—or could—be prepared for. I want to know who will be there and how I should dress. And if there is a plan B, how does that look? And I want (need) to know if anyone was smart enough to come up with plan C, and D. And has it been shared with me. Because I need to know.

I like order.

I like the peace that comes from order…and knowing.

All that said, it will seem strange to most that I also LOVE spontaneous adventure. Of course if you believe in astrological traits, then you’ll fully understand my yin and yang when I tell you I’m a Gemini.

This means, while I treasure an agenda and itinerary, I also relish taking off in the car, sans map, with little sense of where I’m going. It is bliss. Just shut off the GPS and go!

And it shows up in my art too—or for that matter, any artist. We have a fresh blank canvas with a pile of paint and with ZERO idea of what is going to come up, out, and on. This is frightening, yet exhilarating.

This is my DNA. Exactly how my Creator thought me up.

Recently, some puzzle pieces have been coming together that have pointed to the fact that a new adventure might be underway. It’s cray-cray stuff that only God could think up. I haven’t seen a set of blueprints and no syllabus has been provided. So I needed proof that this “adventure” was the right thing to do.

Is that too much to ask for?

So, I asked for the proverbial dew on the fleece. Just to be sure that my Maker is good with this new adventure.

The dew was there. Just on the fleece. Just as asked.

And because I’m so much like a doubting fearful Gideon—I asked for dew on the ground as opposed to the fleece. Again, God made that happen.

I got proof. It was not what I expected. I was surprised that this little game was working.

And unlike Gideon, I’m stupid enough to ask for a third proof. Rainbow fleece! HA! There is NO WAY that “rainbow fleece” just appears. And you know what happened next? Yeah. Proverbial rainbow fleece was there.

And that’s when I broke. Because this wasn’t just fun and games anymore.

This. Just. Got. Real!

This. Just. Got. Serious!

I had to come to the gut wrenching truth that I’m not making it up. It’s not just an idea that might have formulated in my head on accident.

It’s now more real than I ever thought. I wanted to puke. Because suddenly I could see that I’m designed and fit for this specific adventure. But fear reminds me that, I’m just me. Certainly not the safe or very best pick. And I’m a little bit ‘fraidy. AND I have no blueprints, no map, no nothing. I have no details.

God works in mysterious ways. In crazy-cray-cray ways. The cliché of equipping the called, and rarely calling the equipped is so true.

And rarely does He provide blueprints for adventure.

Throughout history people move into Divine adventure, rarely, fully, understanding the details. It simply starts off as a nudge. Then bits and pieces start to fit together that you weren’t smart enough on your own to manipulate together. And if you’re watching for these bits, paying attention, being open, it just might present as a path you didn’t think you’d be going down.

When that happens and you get a little nervous–then by all means ask for dew, fleece, rainbows. Dive into scripture and ask for it to be confirmed.

Listening to my own advice, taking my own medicine: “when it all is confirmed, consider it Divine.” And then buckle up baby—it’s adventure time.

Maybe it’s a small adventure. Maybe it’s big. Maybe it’s GIGANTEAN.

There is no way to know if you’re being sent off on a simple one-time errand, day-trip, or an adventure of a life time. You just have to be willing to take off—without a detailed step-by-step turn-by-turn GPS. It’s part of that whole “be willing to risk until you puke.” Be willing to trust that the adventure was made just for you, and that it has been blessed.

And then…just do it.

Don’t judge it (is it big enough, important and worthy enough, is this gonna be my single BIG purpose I’ve been waiting for, what will others think, what if I fail, what if I got it wrong, what if it goes hideously wrong). Don’t judge it.

Don’t thwart it (you can create paralysis by analysis by not having details). Don’t thwart it.

Simply obey. Take one step. Then the next. Then the next.

As for me, and I hope for you, a peace will come over the idea of the adventure. It’s that same type of peace that I get from order, blueprints, maps, and itineraries. Yet this type of peace doesn’t result from details, rather it’s from the depths of a soul knowing that you were made, you were called, for this adventure.

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12 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. This post has been the uncomfortable story of my life… The Call, the query, the confirmation… the queasiness and then the calm. I would like to say that I have gotten better at trusting God in this surprising adventure of life, but the truth is that I am still asking God, “Are you SURE this is the best way.” To which he often replies, “Watch.”
    Thank again for your great reminds and encouragement. Hope this new adventure of yours blows your socks off!

    • Jer – thanks so much! Honestly I keep trying to disprove parts to myself – maybe because of fear, or the hard work, or feeling not quite equip. And like you “trust” is really really hard for me. It’s almost more about trusting my sanity and that God is really in the mix here on this ‘adventure.’ But after the last bit of time here, the “preponderance of the evidence” in my long and short term memories/experiences/circumstances are just too great to keep worrying about “but what if I made this up?” So I’m buckled up for the ride. Again, thanks Jer – you are of good encouragement. And I hope you see some really fantastic mind blowing stuff on your “watch.”

  2. You were made for this adventure. It’s in your DNA – it’s who you are in Christ and that is the only map you need. Love you friend – I hope this journey blows your mind in the best possible ways!

  3. This is ringing all kinds of bells over here, even down to the “Are you SURE?!?!” I get the analysis paralysis regularly, but I think God doesn’t let me see the whole picture because I’d feel overwhelmed & quit altogether. It’s good to hear that I’m not alone in this adventure. Thanks for sharing, Sherry! 🙂

    • You are spot on with the “God doesn’t let me see the whole picture because I’d feel overwhelmed & quit altogether”! Thanks Anita, ditto on the adventure companions 😀

  4. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be the adventure of your life! You’ve done all the right things (even triple checking with God), so with your creative spirit, passionate soul, and Him right there with you – this/you will soar!!

    Thank you for your insight on how to embark on any life adventure. It’s invaluable (as are you my friend)! ❤

  5. If you leap forward with faith there will be angels of grace eager to guide you. I just read your message at 3 AM and now I can put my concerns aside and get rested for my what ever is ahead of me.
    Thank you for being you.

  6. Through your first eight paragraphs, I was all “Yep, me too!” But then the adventure part? Sometimes I like it – or maybe I should say that I like some parts of it – but I’ve been way too stuck in the secure zones. HOWEVER, this past year, at 60-something, I have been venturing out – without the blueprint! – and am a little surprised and very delighted to discover that I’m having fun with it all.


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