Bits of Truth

“Advice is like snow. The softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Whether you’re giving or receiving, let it be softly, wisely, and with good timing. Let it not be in anger or haste. Let it be soft. Softly falling.

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2 thoughts on “Bits of Truth

  1. I’m laying low (under doctor’s orders) cause I snuck off and had some major surgery last week. (A big secret to all but a few!) Good news is that I feel so great, I’ve not even had 1 pain pill…..not one! Bad news is, I’m not allowed to drive or do much of anything yet. Seems my body’s got some hidden healing to do. So I’ve gone “underground”. Ya know, it’s sometimes hard to accept the love you’re blessed with – at least it is for me.It’s actually been quite difficult for me to receive all the food makin’ and errand runnin’ and chore doin’ I’ve been gifted with. I’m trying to “breathe it all in” and know it’s okay to ask for help.I’m so very grateful for such loving friends and family. (I want to send each and every one of them a big sappy love letter.) So, with all this freedom, it’s to the sketchbook I’ve gone. With oodles of time to dawdle and daydream, I’m making lots of yummy plans. My creative heart is filling with so many ideas, that I’m tempted to take an extended blogging hiatus – for perhaps the entire year of 2012! What? What! I dunno. I just don’t know yet. But I’m feeling pulled in that direction…… I’m dreaming of spending the year in total creative immersion. Lot’s of “what if’s” are floating around…..for instance, “what if” I did nothing but paint for an entire year?”What if” I spent every day in the studio or on inspiring artist dates?”What if” our home became a huge creative project in itself this year?I’d so dig that.And there’s much to be done to flesh out the art journaling class I’m leading in the Spring .So much to be excited about – so much I want to do.So I’ll sit with it during this forced downtime of mine and let you know what comes of it – you’ll be the first to know!

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