Cracked Open

Dreams are like seeds.

A miniscule bit of something, with the potential—that really—when you think about it— is mind-blowing. There are dreams like this too.

Dreams are like seeds.

It’s easier to grow the simple ones. Like alfalfa. You simply put seeds in a jar with water. Then rinse/replace the water each day. After 5 days your jar will be overflowing with fully grown, green, juicy, alfalfa spouts. There are dreams like this too.

Dreams are like seeds.

Some seeds just fail. You can do everything right, and the seed still fails to produce to your expectations. There are dreams like this too.

Dreams are like seeds.

There are some seeds that have to be buried deep, into dark places, and cared for over long seasons of harshness. But at the right moment the seed cracks open… and that’s when it gets interesting. There are dreams like this too.

Do you have a dream? A seed? Have you planted it? Have you given it a moment to sit and wait? …has it cracked open?

Today I want to offer you a simple bit of prose from Hafiz. A sufi master who wrote beautifully about his connection with his Divine Beloved. God. This offering is about those dreams—and that seed that waits for the moment. The moment to crack open.

The Seed Cracked Open

It used to be
That when I would wake in the morning
I could with confidence say,
“What am ‘I’ going to
That was before the seed
Cracked open.
Now Hafiz is certain:
There are two of us housed
In this body,
Doing the shopping together in the market and
Tickling each other
While fixing the evening’s food.
Now when I awake
All the internal instruments play the same music:
“God, what love-mischief can ‘We’ do
For the world

Dreams are like seeds.

Friends, care for your dreams. The ones that could play beautiful music for the world. Guard them. Plant them deep. Deeper. And simply wait. Watch. Be patient. And don’t be too hasty in saying, “This seed will make sprout, and that one cedar.” Because when a seed cracks…when a dream begins to unfold…you just never know what wonderful mischief God has in store.

I hope your dreams, your seeds, crack open and play beautiful music.

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11 thoughts on “Cracked Open

    • Thanks Laura. As I wrote that I was thinking of how some people “force bulbs” inside a house…but to plant them deep and see how nature does it… well it’s breathtaking. So to plant them deep into our hearts…. yeah you get it.

  1. Thank you Sherry for your ability to capture complex thoughts in simple and easily graspable images. Once again you have provided that “Hmmmm” moment at just the right moment. It’s like you’re listening to someone!

    Obviously your seed has cracked open and begun to sprout for your gift has already begun sharing fruit. Be blessed!

  2. You are something with your timing again my friend ❤ this has been the discussion with a group of close friends. Which seeds/dreams do we plant and which are divinely planted for our bigger purpose. I like to think the divine purpose is like a lotus flower.
    So – the lotus, this amazing stunningly beautiful perfect flower only blooms after an incredibly hard struggle to break through the layers of the soil and a huge amount of mud. But once it has passed through all these layers and is able to break through the yucky mud, it has reached its destination, bursts into a breathtaking beautiful piece of nature`s art, a symbol for peace and love.
    The roots have a lot of energy and determination to move upwards, to reach the light; the struggle is hard but well worth the effort. I like to imagine what my lotus flower will look like – bright, pastel, bursting with colors? Big, small, round, oval? I will get there…we all will.
    ❤ to you.

    • Ah yes, the symbolism of the lotus used widely in Buddhist/Hindu cultures. It is such beautiful symbolism. And of course it applies to any walk in life where one’s dream involves a degree of spiritual awakening. Thanks Lindsay.

  3. Another beautiful analogy – I love this! I will now look at my dreams a bit differently – plant them in God’s soil and water them with patience. Thank you dear friend.

    • 😀 don’t forget though, we must work hard on dreams, we can’t sit back and wait for miracles and magic… and while miracles do happen now and then, usually it’s the blood, sweat, and tears that water seeds; and the grace we desperately need in being patient — when things aren’t growing at “our” speed — is one of God’s best departments. That is where our dependence lies, and should lay. Laying it down, over and over again.

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