Dragonflies are my favorite people. Yes people. Butterflies too. Both are stories of transformation.

In my work, I have the honor of watching dragonflies in the making. Be it through creativity or life coaching—the beautiful souls I work with are climbing and changing. And once the change happens they simply have no reason to wish to return to how things once were.

It matters not how high or low they fly—the fact is THEY FLY. With purpose, direction, and new creative ways of expressing themselves.

It’s a beautiful thing. Flight.

Do you know the story of the dragonfly?
Well let me tell you a true tale.

Deep beneath the surface of a tranquil pond Suzie was part of a village of happy water bugs. They were a wonderful community in the warm mud and clay.

Every now and then, someone in the village would crawl up the stem of a lily after losing interest of mud-play. Gradually the village would lose sight of them, and their friend would never be seen again.

Suzie watched these things closely. Puzzled and curious she said to her friends, “Where do you suppose our friends go? Weren’t they happy here?”

No one had an answer. Some wondered about these things, but others seemed happy in their little mud hole, never questioning about who or why. While others seemed determined to not mention those who’d left the village. One might even consider them…angry.

But the Suzie was strong-minded. She was going to find out more. One day after much thought she told her friends, “I am going to do it!”

“Do what?” they said.

“I’ve decided I’m going to do something new. I’m going to climb up the pond lily stalk. I want to see what’s up there. Then I’ll return and tell you what I’ve learned.”

On a warm spring day, Suzie found herself climbing up the stalk. Before long, she broke through the surface of the pond water, and crawled on a thick round lily pad. Being so exhausted from her initial work and journey up the stalk, she napped.

When she woke, she was shocked at what she saw. A startling change had come to her body. There on her back were four beautiful silvery wings. She felt an impulse to move her wings, but couldn’t. At least not yet. While she waited in the warmth of the sun, she was taught important things. She watched and listened and learned. Soon she tried to move her wings again, this time she found herself off the lily pad.

She stopped and landed back on the pad. And again, she fluttered her wings and lifted high above the pond. And before long she was gracefully flying about. Filled with joy and freedom like she’d never known before.

She’d become a graceful dragonfly.

After a time she came to rest upon the old lily pad. As she watched her reflection in the water, she could see her old friends the water bugs below. Still wiggling about the mud and clay below. OH how they were missing out on so much freedom! She remembered her promise to tell them of the things she learned.

Without another thought she took flight, then darted back down to the water, hoping to dive below and tell her friends of the things she’d found. As she hit the water, she immediately bounced off the surface and back into the air. Over and over she tried to no avail. Seems that dragonflies could no longer return to their former existence.

She could not return to her life in the mud and clay. She had done and learned a new thing. And in that process, she transformed into a new beautiful life.

And so it is with my clients and students. Doing a new thing can seem odd and even scary. Life coaching, creativity and art classes? Those words make some curious, interested, excited. While it can stop others in their tracks with fear. But with me, there is never fear. Never-ever.

Maybe you’re a bit like sweet Suzie, the thought of climbing up the stalk stirred something inside of her. It’s a little bit of hope in the depths of murky waters. Sometimes the Suzie’s of this world are stuck in mud and clay. But they are certain there must be something worth investigating beyond the village they know.

And when they start to climb—one coaching session—or one creativity workshop—after the next—they change. Sometimes it’s hard work, other times it’s easy. But without exception, doing these new things stirs beauty into the soul that transforms. It’s a transformation that allows you to fly.

So let me gently challenge you: When is the last time you’ve done something for the first time?

If it’s been too long, or you can’t recall… what could you do “for the first time?”

First times stir change.
First times give you the experience of climbing up the stalk.
They give you the urge to move wings you didn’t know you had.

Maybe it’s clearing out a room of things that have no purpose in your life. Or taking dancing lessons. Learning art journaling. Seeking therapy. Getting involved in a humanitarian effort. A daring hair color, or…yes, even a tattoo. How about joining a small group? Or building muscles you haven’t felt in years with the help of a personal trainer. Or yes, even learning to fly via life coaching.

You can leave the village and fly. Oh yes. Even you.

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13 thoughts on “Dragonflies

  1. Yes through you & others I’m learning how to fly. I don’t know why I’m crying as I right this. It just might be the realization of where I’ve been and how I have changed.
    Thank you Friend.

    • Looking back (if only for the smallest quick look – because we don’t do much good in old stories) of being a waterbug is a great perspective. It’s realizing gratitude. It’s worth those tears of joy. The struggle of becoming and realizing you really did do it. Good stuff, good stuff. Kimberly. You. Are. Soooo. A. Dragonfly.

  2. Oh I love this. I really really do.

    It feel so close to my intention: To be true to me.

    And maybe, just maybe part of the process of being true to me is doing new things to simply discover who I am. Those things may seem meaningless and silly to some. But there is a freedom in doing something new and then realizing it is a part of the unfolding of wings.

    So, yes to purple hair, nose piercing, ear cuffs, henna and flowy skirts because it is only the external evidence of what freedom is taking place in the heart.

  3. Hi Sherry. Hope you don’t mind that I comment without my name. I wanted to thank you for helping me out of the mud. It’s been almost a year since we’ve talked and looking back over time I can see how stuck-in-the-mud my thoughts were. When you had me start the Thought Wheel I was frustrated. You asked me why I was trying to reinvent the wheel _ Remeber? But you stayed with me _ and that made the difference. You helped me see how stuck I was. Now I couldn’t do life without it. Thank you for not giving up on your most stubborn client.

    • Oh I don’t mind at all! And yes you were a pill about that wheel, but when you got it – YOU GOT IT!!! And then you were rolling like wild. I hope you are doing well…and you weren’t the most stubborn, but awfully close. Laughing thinking about some of our calls. You are a rockstar dragonfly ❤

  4. I am a draagonfly because of how you helped me. I keep trying to get friends to join up so I can get those free phone calls with you. May God bless you abundantly.

  5. Oh, Sherry. Oh, Sherry, my dear little sister. How you’ve spoken for me and TO me in this post. I am astounded by the story. It makes sense of so much of what I’ve been through in the past five years. It helps me understand some of my feelings and frustrations. And it gives me new reason to be patient with myself about a couple things I was concerned and confused about – as to whether I was “doing them right.”

    I’m going to have to find a spot to display this where I can see it often.
    In fact, I just read it again – this time out loud to my hubby.

    Oh. My. Word. I am a dragonfly!!!!!

    I am amazed!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your posts. Thanks a lot!

  7. What a beautiful story! I love so much about this, and the encouragement to do something new. I can attest to the fact that your art journaling classes have brought so much change in me – way beyond the canvas paper. It has given me a little courage to “fly” out of my comfort zone and discover more new things that are waiting out there for me. Thank you for all you do! ❤

  8. A brave mornings thoughts flap their wings and fly. I can still taste old defeat on my lips.

    I just want to be something more than the mud in their eyes. I want to be the clay in His hands.

    Silent gloria is silent and glory is a silent thing.

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