Here Comes Thanksgiving

Wow tomorrow it begins. Or maybe it’s started today if you are brining a turkey and fighting grocery-store parking lots, or traveling, or inviting guests into your home.

Either way it’s great—and stressful. And you know what goes good with stress? Cheese. Cheese makes everything great! And so let me offer you a NEW Thanksgiving video with cheese… Just watch the whole thing – you’ll see.

I hope your Thanksgiving festivities provide you love, peace, and acceptance.

Remember, every family is messed up. And wonderful. Mine and yours too.

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4 thoughts on “Here Comes Thanksgiving

  1. Awe – I LOVE this! And what a specail treat – it feels like a Friday and then I realized it was only Wednesday so I still have Friday to look forward to for another post from you! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

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