Validation for Black Friday

You are simply amazing.

No, really.

You are.

Maybe I see something you don’t.
I often do. I’m geared that way…

Most days a post at Soiled Wings will take six minutes of your time. Todays? Fifteen minutes. All well worth it. Because YOU are worth it.

This short film, that has won UMPTEEN awards, is the tip of the iceberg as to why it’s monumentally important to acknowledge and validate people. Maybe even the BEST video to watch before heading out to face the madness of Black Friday.

What will you say to others you meet today, and throughout the holiday season?
What will you say to the strangers in the store, cash register, all the people you don’t know?
What will you do–say–to the one that is determined to “not smile.”

Find the magic that returns to you when you start validating others.

The worth you find in them is an ounce of the worth in you.

My goodness, you are a beautiful soul!

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17 thoughts on “Validation for Black Friday

  1. Thank you, Sherry! That was great! What a great reminder of the power of our words and attitudes to bless others! 🙂

      • wow…I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this video since I watched it…and it’s made me think so much more about what I am saying to others, like my family, and the children I teach at school, my co-workers…my friends at the gym…I have been a better listener too…thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much Sherry! That was fantastic! I always enjoy reading your blog as I love your writing style. I don’t know if I would have come across this amazing short video on my own, so I am really thankful you took the time to share it. You really rock Lady 🙂

  3. This is so worth the 15 minutes!! I’m smiling inside and out! Amazing the power a simple compliment can bring! Thank you for sharing this amazing video and for always showering your words of encouragement (and your beautiful smile) on all you meet!

  4. Thank you SO much!! I love TJ Thyne’s work on “Bones”, so it was fun to see this film. I love the message. Need to figure out a way to encorporate it into each day.

    • I’m a big fan of his character on that show too. And yeah great message… might need to start making my own “validation” cards to hand out on a “as needed” basis 😉

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