Are We Still Here

a single dropAh Sweet Souls—and Welcomed Strangers,

I write my posts several days, if not weeks in advance. Since I wrote this early in the week, the first thing I want to say is:

“Congratulations! We are still here!” (or am I early in my celebration? I honestly didn’t keep track of when things were supposed to go bonkers). Oh, and if we’re not still here – you’re not here to read this and the rest of my point is moot. (anyhoooo)

Today is the start of a new day. Many think it’s the start of a new era. An age of enlightenment. A time of transformation.

And not all the people who think this use a purple shroud for a blanket. In fact, to be honest—I dig the idea of entering a time of transformation and enlightenment.

To think that God would create a shift in our thinking with a hunger to connect to eachother—to Him—isn’t unthinkable. To consider that we’ve all had enough, and there becomes a heightened desire for peace after unthinkable events and a season of economic hardship and chaotic tumultuous crap—makes sense. It would be…like heaven.

But since we are Image-Bearers with wild and wonky (free) wills , I think God will continue to let us run amuck. Life will go on as is. Unless…

There are some words by Mother Teresa that I hold dear to my heart and try to remind my soul when I think people and the world can’t ever get better, and it is this:

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”   ~  Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I am that drop.
You are too.

When you smile at a stranger, and they don’t smile back—that is not your sign to stop trying.

When you go to hug someone, and they recoil—that is not your sign to not try on another day.

When you go to church, and feel unfulfilled—that is not your sign to stop learning or worshiping.

When you are running out of savings, the unemployment check is about to stop, and you are losing hope—that is not the time to give up.

You are a drop worth far greater than what you see.

See, each of us hold a part of the power of the ocean. God gave us that gift. A gift to help another, to help ourselves, to help mankind. And every time we own this worth—really own it—you are living with purpose. Living for something that is for the greater good. Some call this Kingdom work…the sharing of light and salt.

I don’t need to remind you of the COUNTLESS stories of one person making a difference. And if you need reminding…just Google it and have your kleenex handy.

So, what could have happened if someone reached out to Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter) that day, or day before? Maybe things would be different. Sure we can point the finger at people, laws, and legislation. BUT, let me gently and softly remind, that when you point—there are three fingers pointing right back at you. Hold on…keep going.

No, “you” couldn’t have stopped what happened. But there is a “you” out there that might have. And if you live with the knowledge that you are a drop that matters—that no small act of kindness is wasted (regardless of the reaction you receive) then your perspective changes.

When you live with this knowledge, then you DO enter into a new era. A time of enlightenment. A time of transformation. A time of allowing your Creator to super-charge-activate and use the Spirit planted inside of you. You can be a hero and not even know it (and it’s just a big bonus extra when you do get to know the difference you made).

So friends, if you are reading this…again Congratulations – we’re still here. And…maybe it’s time. Time for a new era, a new season. A time to heal. A time to seek help. A time to show some grace to others who are having a rough time of it. Time to know that your actions matter.

You are a drop that matters.

You always have.

May today bring you hope for better times.
May your Christmas be sweet, blessed, and full of peace.

Merry Christmas sweet-kind-courageous-souls.

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2 thoughts on “Are We Still Here

  1. We are that drop! Love it and love you Sherry! Your post could not be anymore appropriate or fitting for what God is taking me through in my personal transformation!

  2. Each drop matters – I love that! And sometimes it’s hard when you are that drop and don’t get the reaction you had hoped for.

    “A time of enlightenment. A time of transformation. A time of allowing your Creator to super-charge-activate and use the Spirit planted inside of you.” – this really spoke to me – it’s exactly where I’m at right now. And only God knows where it will take me.

    Merry Christmas to you sweet friend.

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