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WritingHello Creative Souls!

Remember the weekly quote called “Bits of Truth?” Well some of you do, because I was asked by a few fabulous readers, “where did they go?!”

Fair enough. Before more emails arrive, let me explain.

The “Bits of Truth” quotes were replaced with the NEW and FREE and WONDERFUL 52 weeks of gifts: Truth Cards. Awesome right? And even more fabulous is that the weekly quote is still around, it’s just over at create•heART.

Ugh, change is hard right? So I’ll see what I can do to help the transition by sending you a little reminder to head on over (or subscribe) to the Weekly Journal Prompt over at create•heART.

For this week, here’s the quote & my thoughts:
“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
~ Dorothy Parker

Curiosity is a curious thing. Is it not? It’s “wonder” turned up. Louder. Stronger. Hotter. Curiosity takes courage. Fearlessness. Or even a bit of naivety, like the curiosity of Alice in Wonderland. Curiosity is a thirst to know more about the odd and peculiar. I think curiosity is a very VERY beautiful thing. Like children, they are curious, because they are fearless (and oh so wonderfully naive).

And now, if your CURIOUS jump over here (it’s painless, you’ll see) where you will see one of my very own journal pages and a journal prompt tailor-made for you.

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