Knowing No

noHe said “No.”

God said, “No” to me.

Over and over again, when I pleaded for things to not fall apart. In fits and tears and buckets of fear, I begged, petitioned, prayed for things to stay as they were.

But sometimes “No” is required…to push us into purpose.

My Creator, the One who knows me far better than me, needed the “No” to stay in place for many reasons. One of those reasons, I NOW clearly see. A skill, talent, gift–mostly dormant and unused–was about to bloom, be brought into purpose in me.

And sweet soul: maybe you don’t identify with words like “God” or “He.” Maybe you use different words like: Universe, Greater Power, Creative Source, etc… I want you to know, these words are for you too. Because… God is all of these and more. Here on earth, we will never fully understand or be able to properly name this magnificent Source of Love. Ultimately the “I AM.”

It was the most difficult thing–going through a very rough time of what I thought was unanswered prayer. Oh how it hurt. “No” made me angry. I felt betrayed and forgotten and my faith wavered. My doubts of a real Loving Source became huge.

…I nearly crumbled…

But in time, the “No”, has come to serve me well. Not only to strengthen my faith, but to be the thing I needed to get on the right track. To help others. To dance to the beat of my Makers drum, the song made for me.

Oh friend, I know how gut wrenchingly devastating “No” is when there appears to be ZERO positive purpose in sight.
I do.
I really do.
I’m so sorry you are going through a rough patch.
And please know, that these sorrows, hurts, tears, are held by Something far greater than our understanding. Because our understanding is in the here-and-now, we can’t see beyond our current hurt and impossible fixes. But God, in wisdom we often only see in hindsight, knows that “No” is right. (prov 3:5-6)

Today I want to share a video with you. A true story. Four minutes of why “No” matters. And maybe, just maybe, you can be okay with “No.” Attempt to trust that it could be the very thing you need.

Pay extra attention at 3:50 mark.

Friend, you are loved. More than you’ll ever know.
You are loved more than the hurt that comes with “No.”
Hold onto a hope that the current/next “No” could be the very thing that helps you fly.

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8 thoughts on “Knowing No

  1. Dear one, it was more than one gift that bloomed! Thank you for sharing those gifts with me (and so many others!)
    I feel like I have been living in the land of NO…what encouragement this has brought today.
    Bless you

    • Thanks Bridgit. It’s hard to say “be of good cheer” when you’re in the land of ‘no’ – but breathe and hang onto hope…and endure until the no becomes the yes you hadnt even thought of. It can and will happen. Hang on. hang on. xoxo

  2. My dear friend, thank you for sharing your story to encourage others, and for being an example to me every day of God’s miraculous, loving work in His children. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you living out your passion by sharing your gifts to help so many others. May you continue to soar to new heights with your soiled wings. Love you and all you do!

  3. Hello Sherry,

    I’m the film maker that made ‘After The Storm’ which you featured here. Thanks for including it and thinking about its deeper meaning so clearly.


    Luke Bradford

  4. First, thanks for making me cry >:-/
    And thanks for the reminder about how important “no” is in the scheme of things.
    As much as I’ve been unhappy with no, as I look back, the no has resulted in growth, however painful it is/was.

    • No always hurts… And oddly often helps in ways we just didn’t know. You’re so right, no is growth… Not so sure yes does. Funny, odd, how that is. Thanks for that epiphany Kathryn.

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