Gooder Than That

boy-in-capeCan you resist a pep-talk from a 5-year old?

Better yet, have you ever had a pep-talk from a 5-year old?

This week at Jr High youth group, a video was played. And while it was cute and I just wanted to hug the heck out of this little fellow—his message was important.

He starts off with “the world needs you to stop being boring…you’re ‘gooder’ than that.” Oh this sweet little thing is right. You have no need to be vanilla (unless you really really like vanilla – then be that). But if you are a funkier flavor (and my guess is you are) then be that. Isn’t it what your Maker had in mind?

This really goes back to the Bits of Truth two days ago (if you didn’t see it — go see it now — I’ll wait right here for you). Go on, take a peak then come back.

So yes, you are an amazing important soul. No one is like you. So if you want to be just like “that person” WITH “their flavor”—-well friend, just know {and I’m hugging you so much right now when I say this} you are not that flavor. You might be close to their flavor, but you have something different. A dash of this. A splash of that. Something unique. A little funky. A little (or a lot) strange. Your path is NOT their path. Their successes are NOT your successes. Let’s stop comparing! (all this was a note to me – if it benefits you too – supah – because none-of-us [moi included] are immune to comparing)

You are your own wonderful wacky wonky wild WOWza you. (yes you!)

And so is this little bitty bobble head soul in the video has a really really important message for you (plus he’s a hoot-and-a-half / personality plus).

Enjoy his pep-talk. Share with someone who needs it.
I couldn’t have done better… n♥JOY!

I hope you find your road to Awesome.
Because we were made by our Maker to be
and well…to dance!

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8 thoughts on “Gooder Than That

  1. I love this theme of the week (it kind of started at lunch on Monday). 🙂
    And that kid is great – made me laugh and want to dance – great way to start the day!
    Thanks my friend.

    • Thanks Ellen. As for the video: Lather, rise, repeat? (aka: try again) or you probably need to update the Flash driver that YouTube uses (I know I have to update about every two weeks).

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