Be (that) Fishy

When I taught kindergarten, I had to favorite times:
Music Time
Story Time.

I loved to sing and tell stories. Which when you think about it, they really are the very same thing. One story has music and the other doesn’t.

So, today is different.

Different because instead of you reading today, I am reading to you.

So sit back… click play… and watch.

2014 UPDATE: sadly the publisher of the book gave me a “Cease and Desist” notice on the video I made of me reading the story in a way that’s like just like me personally reading the story to others. And ya know what, it makes me sad, I think it makes for bad business…. especially when I know others have bought the book after seeing it here.  But rules are rules and they tend to be inflexible…. SO for me it spoils the book, and joy I get from it. But you still might like it…you’ll just have to find it for yourself and read it.

Yup, only. one. you.

Awesomesauce you.

Book: Only One You
By: Linda Kranz
Available at (direct link removed)

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