Signal LightStop.

Really, honestly, I mean it.

(I’m hugging your heart because it’s not easy to stop…)

Consider this: Stop giving yourself reasons why you can’t.
Look, I know all the reasons—I’ll even come up with a couple more you didn’t think of—because I’m really good at this stupid game too.

We don’t take a new art class*, because it’s too scary, we don’t know anyone, we will make a fool of ourselves, we think it’s a waste of time, we should be serving somewhere else, we are overweight, we have a disability, we shouldn’t shouldn’t shouldn’t shouldn’t, we can’t can’t can’t can’t.

It’s sounds horrid when you write it out.

But what if you started to… give yourself reasons why you can.
And this takes some effort, because we are so used to telling ourselves the opposite.

We could take the new art class*, because other people are talking about it, I might meet someone I like–grow my friendship circle, I’m spending time that is healing for me, connecting making time co-creating with my Creator, when I do this I feel better and will be able to serve others more fully, there are others my same size, I should should should should, I can can can can.

Now this sounds heavenly when you write it out. You start feeling possibilities on the best of levels.

So, stop giving yourself reasons why you can’t; start giving yourself reasons why you can.

*and by the way, just swap out art class for anything
(I’m just using one of my passionate soap-boxes, art coaching and life coaching, yeah passionate)
So what is it? Writing a letter, making a phone call, joining a small group, stepping foot into that community, starting therapy, getting a pet, telling someone how you feel–really feel, dancing, starting a coaching relationship, school, facebook, journaling, painting that wall, falling in love?
Whatever it is, consider the why you can.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your “why I can” list.
Stretch your noodle-bowl and come up with the good what-ifs.
You won’t regret it.

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8 thoughts on “Stop

  1. wow…that is so good! Amazing what “flipping the coin over” can do for your perspective and attitude sometimes, eh? I’m gonna sit down and do that later today!! Thanks, Sherry! 🙂

  2. As always love your blog. I’m happy to say I am doing more I “Can” than “Can’t” and it has really opened up my world. Who knew what “can” could & can bring. 💁
    Thank you Sherry for your continued love, support and pushing. ❤

  3. I can’t write a blog because I’ve lost my voice, have no time for it, I don’t make time for it, out of practice, too much to say, no words to say it, I’ve lost the discipline and can’t remember the point to it. (this was me last night in front of my computer…so I gave up, closed it up and went to bed–well, after watching too many Netflix–because that’s easier)


    I can write a blog…

    I’m going to take your assignment seriously today and create a power list of “I can’s”, because I think I really want to write again, I’m just stuck sinking in all the can’ts.

    Thank you.

    I can write a blog

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