Real True and Scary

Can I pre-emptively apologize?

I’m from Fresno.
That’s why I like her…

Okay, sorry Fresno-ites… Would it be better if I said I lived in Clovis…and that is the reason?

I don’t know why, but I love Dolly Parton. I don’t own any of her CDs. I don’t like beaded gowns or ginormous…”girls”. But I love Dolly.

I loved Dolly when I watched 9-to-5 over and over again with my childhood girlfriend. I liked her on Hee-Haw, and whatever other entertainment shows she’d appear. I loved loved loved her in Trio singing the song Wildflowers — it still makes me cry. Because I am THAT wildflower, and I will always be THAT flower. Oh and when it comes to gettin’ teary, her song Hard Candy Christmas squeezes my heart hard.

As a little girl, we must have had an 8-track tape of Dolly. Maybe “The Best of Dolly.” As I recall she had on a plaid shirt…and the “girls” were trying to bust (opps no pun intended) out. And at some point in my younger life, during a TV special, I heard the song He’s Alive.

It scared me.
Because she sang it like it was real, and true.
And for me, my faith, the song…it is real and true.

Today’s post is unlike others. Today, as tradition would have it, I’m sharing the real and true and scary song. Because it’s Good Friday and it’s only good because Sunday came.

So without further ado, without my usual advice and take away, I simply want to share this song.
I guess if you can have big fake hair, and nails, and massive boobs “girls”, and gaudy beaded gowns AND reach millions and show your love for Jesus, then you can also have red streaks in your hair, a nose piercing, and tattoos and do the same thing (which is real, true, and scary…and awesome).

“I hope you get a blessin’ out of it” ~ Dolly
May it be a blessed Easter for you, you beautiful amazing soul.
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9 thoughts on “Real True and Scary

  1. Yep, yep, I’ve gone through my own phases of amusement, annoyance, and fascination with her. But she is pretty amazing! She must have one of THE longest IMDB pages ever!!! Did you see “Joyful Noise”? Kinda’ fun – cute & silly…

  2. Oh…it is making so much sense that you identify with wildflowers. Wildflowers are beautiful, fragrant and colorful. They come in a range of color, tone and shapes.
    They are simple yet unique. You are all of these things. Yes, indeed YOU are a wildflower. I love wildflowers too and you.
    Happy Easter Sherry.
    Love, Mom

  3. Thanks for this wonderful share, Sherry. No need to apologized for lovin’ Dolly, she’s a class act despite her “theatrical attire.” I received her book, “Dream More” for Christmas. She has depth. The promise of redemption…the most glorious of all gifts. Blessed day, friend.

    • Thanks Michelle – yeah Dolly’s got a story – big and messy. A real person despite the plethora of accoutrements. She holds true to herself despite it all.

  4. I got a blessin’ out of it. Thanks, Sherry. I haven’t heard that song in years, and it did really bless me.

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