I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You

IMG_0196cropSo hey. I’ve been wanting to tell you…

I push buttons.

(with love, and care, and because you deserve to feel something)

I ask questions that result with a, “Wait! What?”

(because that question jolted your noodle-bowl to have deeper understanding of yourself)

I say uncomfortable stuff.

(because you deserve nothing more than the truth, the loving honest, in-your-gut truth)

I help in transformation.

(with grace, without judgment, and with real raw encouragement that is sugar-free)

I listen for and with…you.

(because I’m intent on receiving and giving a word that will propel you, salve you, guide you)

I tell the truth.

(because we all need the truth from someone who we can trust, who only has our best interest at heart and no mixed intentions… I don’t need you to love or like me…but you mostly will…in most sessions…for most of the hour we work on the work that is important to your path, journey, soul).

I’ve also been wanting to let you know that I can’t (CAN.NOT.) help you if:

  • Fear doesn’t stop you.
  • You’re clear on “the problem.”
  • You’re leaving your positive mark in the world.
  • You’ve got your purpose on track and live it EVERY day (even at that job… or whatever it is that fills your day).
  • You see clearly where your Maker, Creator, God is working in your life.
  • You’re whole and well and never get emotionally rocked off your rocker.
  • You take amazing awesome care of yourself.
  • You know how to stop saying crap to yourself (I could use a stronger word… I could you know…).
  • You let go of that story (the one about the “crap” that happened over a year —or 20—ago).
  • You are comfortable with your quirks.
  • You love your quirks and funky self.
  • You know how to seek the positive and peace in chaos.
  • You know the future will be satisfying, despite life’s circumstances and disappointments.
  • You have a sense of balance in your WHOLE life.
  • You feel WHOLE-HEARTED in all the stuff.
  • You are not waiting for _______ to start “it.” (you fill in that blank and you know what “it” is)
  • You do not like truth.

I also needed to say:

  • I have no idea why readers are surprised that I’m a certified (educated my “stuff”) Life Coach.
  • I suppose because I’m not a big marketer.
  • I don’t like to throw it into others faces… menu headers / links up top could/should be enough.
  • I suppose because I don’t splash it on FaceBook, or Twitter, or whatever else 24/7.
  • I just don’t.
  • I suppose I know that the right people will come at the right time.
  • While teaching creativity & art during the school year, I’ve had to limit my client list.
  • That made me sad…because I love coaching/mentoring. BUT WAIT!

I’m also kinda really excited to tell you:

  • It’s summer (to me, the charter school semester—where I teach— is over, so it’s summer).
  • This means I now have room for clients.
  • And well, I’ve been thinking about you.
  • Are you ready?
  • In a summer you can change your heart, soul, life for the better.
  • I kid you not.
  • I can help (that is if you didn’t already meet all that criteria above).
  • I want to help.
  • I’ve helped many many others. Some of them wrote really nice things about working with me
  • Sometimes the work is hard for short little spurts, but mostly it’s oddly effortless and engaging (because you and me–we build up trust and your ears hear things that start some transformation in your noodle-bowl, hEARt, and soul).
  • I’ve prayed for the right people, and I wondered if it is you.
  • I have.
  • And we do all of it via phone–even if you live 5 time zones away from me. We can work together.

And maybe I need to tell you:

  • You can do this.
  • I actually do care. And I’m not mean… well not that mean.
  • You get to know me via phone, for 30 minutes (or more because sometimes we just talk extra), before you ever put a dime to anything.
  • Summer is a great time to get started.
  • This is in you…can you feel it…the wanting, the needing, the desire to figure “it” out.
  • I can.
  • Come on chick-a-dee, I’ll help you find your way out of the egg.

And if you need more info go here and here.
To get started, simply contact me HERE

I’m so excited to meet you sweet soul.

You are worth it.
Every time.


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  1. A real picture – of real you – I love it! What a unique treasure you are to people.

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