Seeing Dead People

scared at moviesWhen it comes to movies, nothing’s a bigger pet-peeve than a guessable plot. An obvious outcome.

If the plot is apparent within the first 30 minutes, I lose interest. In fact I have zero reason to stay fascinated with the storyline, unless it’s being done by a favorite actor (who might also do impeccable impression of a swaggery pirate that rarely does a blasé movie).

Rather, I like the unexpected twist.
The thing no one saw coming.
Like…, “I see dead people.”

Yeah, that blew me away.
Along with the rest of the movie watchers.

When a movie has a plot that keeps twisting and changing—it makes you work. It makes you stay engaged. Present. Focused. And if you’re at the movie theater you’ll even let your bladder beg and scream for release while you ignore it. Because you refuse to miss a single glance, action, word, nuance.

But in life… give me easy.

Sure we say we want things to stay easy. Simple. Known. Obvious.
And if life would just roll this way—we’d be so much happier.
A simple obvious plot…

You’ll stay employed.
You get that raise, bonus, promotion.
The test results will be normal.
The kid will get As. (and never get into trouble…at least not ‘big’ trouble)
The spouse will be attentive.
The card will arrive on your birthday.
The laundry will be folded.
The garbage man will come on time.
Your pet will live…forever.
The drunk driver will make it home without harm.
The therapy is working.
The war won’t start.
The cancer won’t return.
The house that’s been home for 20 years is still yours.
The knives will stay sharp.
And the milk won’t spoil.

Then at some point in your life…you suddenly see dead people (and the milk spoils). The thing you didn’t even know was coming—came. And it wrecks you as you scream, “Not Fair! Not Fair!”

And you’re right, it’s not fair. Because you even went to church every Sunday, and called your parents, and gave to the Red Cross, and didn’t flip off that person that cut you off. And you even spotted a five to the homeless lady in the parking lot, the one with the sign and kids, and a dog. Even though you’re pretty sure you’ve seen her at another store with different kids—and cats as you recall. Either way—you definitely deserve to…not see dead people.

And sweet soul, I agree. It’s not fair. And it also seems to be the only way of getting that life giving transformation.

When life has a plot that keeps twisting and changing—it makes you work. It makes you stay engaged. Present. Focused. (yes I did say that about movies above – good eye!).

See no one ever changed when it was easy. No.One. (well except for the person who wins the lottery, but that doesn’t count—and often the change isn’t for the better).

In fact the more challenging the change. The bigger and scarier the new thing—the more doubt and fear conquering you have to begin. And that sweet soul is the place where the soul saving transformation begins. That’s where your Creator allows you to walk, and fall, and get up again—just like a new child taking its first steps. The hard stuff has to happen. The plot needs to be interesting. For your sake.

And it’s completely possible to let the unexpected bitter you. batter you. bury you.
And it’s completely possible to let the unexpected better you. bloom you. help you…become.

Become becoming.

The hard stuff, the seeing dead people stuff, is like a deep dark abyss you didn’t expect. But just like the movies—plots don’t stop—they move. Even when they move oooohhhh.sooooo.sllloooow, they do move.

Just like healing through the unfair unexpected challenge. It can feel stagnant. Invisible. But it’s not. Because you are moving through it. Sweet soul, don’t you see…?

You’re not stuck in the abyss, you are moving. But you have to keep moving through it to find your better self.
When you’re in pain, it cracks your heart open in a way that hurts—but it opens just enough to allow a new type of healing. A healing that blooms you into new life.
And that problem that isn’t fair—what if you started to see it as less the problem and more the solution for becoming. It’s how you will be become, becoming. Beautifully becoming.

Dear better blooming becoming soul. You are the most interesting movie there is. You should win an Oscar AND a Golden Globe. This plot we call life, is getting you closer to this amazing person who has an open heart, and a willingness to see the truth, and all the opportunities to feel gratitude…even when the dead people show up to let you know the milk is spoiled.

Hey, look at it this way, at least the dead people kept you from drinking that curdled ick.

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6 thoughts on “Seeing Dead People

  1. Sometime my prayer is “God..I don’t need easy..just not so hard. And then I ride the dragon!

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  2. Oh, Sherry. Where do I start? I’ve been working on trying to capture the story of my life. It has been fascinating to notice how it can rather conveniently be broken down into scores. (A score = 20 years) My first 20 years I have labeled “Beginning & Becoming.” My 20’s and 30’s were “Building & Bearing Fruit” and my 40’s & 50’s were “Branching out and Broadening my horizons.” I have been calling this current score “Backing off & Breaking free” – which was totally unexpected and is turning out to be pretty exciting.

    Just now as I am reading your post, it occurs to me that this current stage could also be labeled “Becoming.” Again. Yep. Now that I am backing off and breaking free from the bondage of expectations and legalism, I am finally free to become me. The real me perhaps.

    Of course, I suppose that it could also be said that each of my “scores” had a huge element of “becoming” – that something new in me was emerging in each stage.

    Ooh, this is fun to think about.
    Thanks, dear friend.

  3. I seriously love this.

    When I think to this past year there was more than enough to bitter, batter and bury me. And yet… Those same events, unexpected and painful as they may be, have helped better me, bloom me and to become…me.

    • Laura – I couldn’t agree more. I wish we changed without the hard stuff – but the hard – knock you off you feet – stuff is where and when we grow. Where we learn the grace, for ourselves and others. And Laura, yeah, you got wings!

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