Bits of Truth

Dear Loved Soul.

Have you ever held an imperfect flower?

You know the type:
~ bruised
~ bent
~ a petal or two missing.

It’s hardly the type of flower we’d expect to get from someone who is trying to show us an ounce of affection.

Let’s be honest here.

When you get a bouquet from a loved one — well — it’s supposed to be perfect. Hand selected, fragrant, beautiful, the very best. Else we think we are not loved…

And sweet soul, you think this about your Creator too.
You were supposed to have a rose garden.
But as the sing-song-saying goes, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.”

And it’s true.

We were not supposed to have it easy like that other person who seems to get everything they want, and more. I mean next thing you know they will win the lottery. OH WAIT – they just did.

I know friend. It seems unfair. But here’s where you might have it wrong, because…

  1. those “other” people hide stuff, and you don’t know the mess in their head (or the mess they even deny)
  2. you know, as much as you hate it to be true, that the manure that keeps getting added to your garden helps… I know you’re tired of it, and enough is enough. but you know it does good things for stuff going on under the surface.
  3. and just because you got–what you deem as–the broken imperfect flower. the bouquet with a smattering of grass and weeds and one single flower that is missing all it’s petals, except for one. doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. in fact you are as wrong and wrong can get.

Beloved sweet soul, listen. That junky bouquet of circumstances, the one with a single petal hanging from a flower is your reminder. While others pluck the petals off one-by-one, taking chances with, “he loves me, he loves me not. he loves me, he loves me not…” you on the other hand are being told loud and clear:


Life isn’t easy.
Manure comes into the garden.
Junk happens.
But don’t forget… when you get an imperfect flower, it’s not because you weren’t loved and cared for enough to be given the very best. Instead the message needed to be simple for you, there needed to be no chances of getting the wrong message by luck of the draw.

Instead it’s just simply,
“I am loved.”

My hope is that one day these Truth Cards will come to good use. Eventually I’d like to publish them with proceeds benefiting TWLOHA (because I think what they do is so very important). I have no idea how that will work, but it is a wish. For now they are my gift to you. So without further ado, here is your Truth Card to print. I’m offering one each week, collect them all and you’ll have a beautiful set of 52 cards. Simply click on the card (which takes you to my Flickr set) and download and print. I have my Truth Cards on a small easel. They look best printed 5″ x 5″. You are free to give them to others, in fact it would be a huge honor if you did. I just ask that you do not remove the copyright info. This is an honor system, I honor you, you honor me.   n♥JOY!

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2 thoughts on “Bits of Truth

  1. This was exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve been talking to myself quite a bit the past few days of how it’s just not fair how all my life it seems, I have to work so hard to accomplish a certain goal and then someone else comes along and just seems to whiz right through it. And, while I try not to compare myself with others, I still do, and it’s so frustrating and depressing at times. So thank you for the reminder of God’s love for me. And, those three points you listed, I think are very true too.

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