Bits of Truth

Dear Deep Stormy One,

You’ve been misunderstood.
I know…

They know you’ve had a bad spell here or there.
They’ve seen you sink low,
…and need help.

So now…sometimes when you are
deep and stormy,
they just become afraid.

Or maybe you’ve never sunk… because you are afraid to know or even show these depth of your soul.

But sweet soul, it’s okay.
It’s okay to be deep.
It’s okay to not have the answers.

What’s not okay is to never feel these things, or to never let anyone into that deep abyss with you.

Every diver knows, you need a diving partner.
Someone who will go into the depths of exploration with you.
A diving buddy that watches the time, the amount of air you have, and things that lurk in the depths that might do harm.
…and it’s usually that same person who will tell you when it’s time to re-surface.

You have great depths to you,
be brave,
find them,
explore them,
show them to someone you can fully trust.

…because those depths
are beautiful in so many ways
and those depths of you are so very worth knowing.

My hope is that one day these Truth Cards will come to good use. Eventually I’d like to publish them with proceeds benefiting TWLOHA (because I think what they do is so very important). I have no idea how that will work, but it is a wish. For now they are my gift to you. So without further ado, here is your Truth Card to print. I’m offering one each week, collect them all and you’ll have a beautiful set of 52 cards. Simply click on the card (which takes you to my Flickr set) and download and print. I have my Truth Cards on a small easel. They look best printed 5″ x 5″. You are free to give them to others, in fact it would be a huge honor if you did. I just ask that you do not remove the copyright info. This is an honor system, I honor you, you honor me.   n♥JOY!

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