Here Comes the Freight Train

woman standing on train tracks?????????????Ever have one of those days you wake up on the wrong side of bed and discover it’s an “I don’t like me day?”

Maybe your hair is “off” and doing its own thing, or…

You’re beating yourself up over the shake and fries you had yesterday, or…

The lie you didn’t mean to have happen, get caught up in, stuck in, or…

Maybe you said or did the wrong thing, at the wrong time, and there is no way to take the words back. Even “I’m sorry” doesn’t erase what was said…it’s been done.

Well, I have a confession. That was EXACTLY the day I was having—right from the go today (the day I’m writing this). And pretty much that was my hit list above. I had more, but for you, I’ll keep the list short.

And the real issue was, I needed to be somewhere, on-and-happy at 8:15am. That time was coming at me like a speeding freight train. No stopping it. So I had two choices:

  1. Be hit by the train, or
  2. Get on with it and grab the train as it went by.

Of course we all know how to get hit by the train. Just stand there and look blasé as it pummels you down. It takes so little effort.

But I chose the harder of the two—getting on the train. Because I simply needed to be “on” for my day of 579 kids, sugared out , hyped out, worn out, acting out, getting out on the last day of camp. So getting on that train took a bit of will-power and knowing what works when the funky-town train is a comin’.

Everyone is different in their approach, but there does seems to be some universal stuff that works, and it’s what I did to make it through the day.

  1. Thankfulness. Basically my go-to thankful thought is remembering that I’m not sick. You know how miserable it is when you have a cold and have to go to work. Cramps. Allergies that force you to walk with a box of tissue. Headache. Or whatever else ails you. Today is not that day. So there is that one small thing to be thankful for. And I acknowledge it to myself and Maker.
  2. Get out of the box. Another thing that works for me is to do one small different not-my-normal-routine thing. Usually I dress it up, or out, or crazy-wild. The wild top. The amazing shoes. The pants that are cut perfectly. That was today’s M.O. I did a little bit of something “not the norm” in decorating myself in the undergarment department. You would laugh… But here’s the thing, you really should have some not normal under-things for days you are in a funk. TMI? Look how else will you know to give it a try. I’m here to help. And I’m just sayin… it’s hard to be bitter when you know the crazy thing you’ve got on that no one else can see. Must be how superman felt in his street clothes.
  3. Turn up the beat. I listen to a lot of piano and folk music. It’s soulful. But on days like today I know better than to go “soulful.” I need to “turn the beat around” because the “rhythm is gonna get you” (sorry for all the Gloria Estefan quotes). But it’s true. When you are a mess—a beat in your step helps. We all have our own picks – mine is some deep dub-step. And if you can tap your foot or shake your bootie—well all the better.
  4. Get some air. Sometimes you just need to go outside. And not just go outside, but suck in copious amounts of fresh air. And sure you can do the slow deep breathing—and it really does help. If you just took in and out 5 slow deep breaths—you’d be amazed. You could do it right now if you want—I’ll still be here when you get back.  ………(are you breathing yet?)…………
    So that’s all nice, but I was in a rush as the freight train was coming full speed. And in truth I could have taken the time to step out and breathe. But I took an alternate approach.  The day was still cool on my way out the door, so I rolled down the car windows and let the wind have its way with me. Aggressive air tends to change a frown into—at a minimum—a windblown face. (which can turn into a smile before too long—especially when you have the car stereo acting as your mood-lifting beat box)

Well my friends, that’s all I’ve got. And it worked. I got through the day. Through this post. And I think I’m better off than when I woke up.

But what I’d really like to know is… what is your one (or five) go to mood lifters? How do you prevent the oncoming train from flattening you? Share away supah souls, we all want to know!

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  1. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability. You are an amazing blessing to us. May you be blessed in return.

  2. Cranking up the tunes with the sunroof open. Or looking at pictures of my grandsons (actually listening to their giggles and laughter on my iPhone videos is even better).

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