Bits of Truth

Dear Remarkable Soul,

Of course you’re different.

Did you think you were supposed to be like the rest?

You are beautiful.
amazing mess
of everything
you are right now.

It’s okay…

…and it’s perfect
right now.

…and you’re not done
things are still changing

In the midst of what seems like a mess you are held, loved, adored by a Maker who doesn’t make mistakes. Who makes order out of chaos.

Who forms beauty from ashes.
That is you sweet soul, beauty…rising from the ashes.

Don’t doubt it for a single moment remarkable one.

So today, honor you.
The work you’ve done.
The work to come.
The amazing complex thing you are.

You are doing so good… you really are.

My hope is that one day these Truth Cards will come to good use. Eventually I’d like to publish them with proceeds benefiting TWLOHA (because I think what they do is so very important). I have no idea how that will work, but it is a wish. For now they are my gift to you. So without further ado, here is your Truth Card to print. I’m offering one each week, collect them all and you’ll have a beautiful set of 52 cards. Simply click on the card (which takes you to my Flickr set) and download and print. I have my Truth Cards on a small easel. They look best printed 5″ x 5″. You are free to give them to others, in fact it would be a huge honor if you did. I just ask that you do not remove the copyright info. This is an honor system, I honor you, you honor me.   n♥JOY!

Embracing Your Creative WholeHearted Life™
Artist ~ Teacher ~ Dreamer ~ Believer (in you…in the GOoDness)
Life Coach: MS, CLC, PCC ~~~ Creativity Coach: KMCC, CCA, Art4Healing®
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2 thoughts on “Bits of Truth

  1. Sherry~

    Wow, you’re writing and heart is a gift to me! You obviously have no idea where I’m at in my life but so far the few writings I’ve read have been so right on for me. They’ve given me courage in the moment, they’ve challenged me, they made me cry. I’m sure you got plenty of emails and kudos but if you knew my heart you would know how grateful am blessed I am by you. I hope to meet you one day in an art class and learn more from you. which I’m not sure where this desire is coming from because I am NOT an artist, nor creative at all but there is something in me that is leading me in that direction. 

    Thank you for listening and being used by God.  He IS using you!! 

    Grateful your in my life, even though only through email at this point. 

    Blessed by you,

    ~ Lauren

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