On Being a Gracist – Blue Eyed Shame

brown-eyes-blue-eyesThis WILL make you uncomfortable.

Maybe because it’s 14 minutes long…
but don’t let that stop you.

It will make you uncomfortable because of the way she teaches. But it’s worth every second. Too bad teachers can’t do this today. Because here’s the truth, even if we’ve come a long way from segregation, we’re still divided in a gazillion ways. Bullies are at an all time high. Shame is running amok. In schools, churches, companies, clubs, towns–there are the thems and the us’s. The rule keepers and rule breakers. Rule breakers who stand for being Jesusy with grace and love. Breaking rules and boxes and barriers that should have never been around in the first place.

So as you watch, it’s not just about red, or yellow, black or white.
It’s not about blue eyes and brown.
It’s about that person you are superior to. (sorry, that’s an ouch, I know.)

When you’re ready – please take a moment to watch and LOVE this teacher, Mrs. Elliot, who taught important stuff back in the 1960s and 1970s.

From the go… she’s wearing my grandma’s glasses
0:27 she said “black people” yikes…
1:35 wait, stop, this is a bad idea
3:50 I want this to stop, and I want to hug that little brown eyed girl
6:25 and that’s how it happens, in a split second it’s the “thems” and the us’s”
…wow, she is right, so very right
…where do I see this today? (sadly, in too many places) BULLIES…and shaming
6:37 funny or mean? (letting that sink in – and what kids can I show this to?)
…what adults do I DARE to show this to, your “funny” remarks cause influence
…{pause} oh crap, I’ve done this recently too. {sigh}
9:00 I’m realizing how quickly one can change how another person feels about them selves, these blue eyes and brown eyes – one moment on top, the next on the bottom. We all have such influence and impact…every single moment.
10:00 I am paying attention. OH YES, this point matters immensely.
13:10 Sweet liberation – the smiles…
…who can I liberate? Who can I release, if even for just a moment?
14:30 I am giggling with these children, I bet they grew up to be more gracist…

Thank you Mrs. Elliot. I wish there were more of you. Helping others learn to not shame someone just because they are different.

Red, and yellow, black and white – we are precious…
Every soul is precious.

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