a first…

superhero_laundryThis week I have encountered several “first”s.

A first time for this,
and the other.
Some good,
some bad,
some ugly.

Some I never ever expected…

This week I learned that a lot of firsts makes the well run dry. Saps the energy from even the biggest box of Wheaties.

That being said, this week has also become a first for not doing a truth card. For not writing a Friday post (as I’m just not counting this…).

I’ve been writing this blog for over five years.
And I’ve never missed a week.
Never missed a topic…

But this week I’m taking a bucket of grace for myself. Sometimes you (and when I say you, I mean “I”) have to let a thing slip through the cracks because it’s not all possible all of the time.

…here’s to letting go. Here’s to acknowledging being human and sometimes the superhero cape is in the pile of laundry.

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