what is true…the crumbs

Dear Soul with Crumbs,

In the end, no crumbs need to be left behind.

What I mean is that: God, the Creator, the Source, the Universe (whatever you deem and call a higher power) does not leave crumbs.

Oh Dear Soul, know that every last bit of things that have happen to you…are ready to be used. The good, the bad, the ugly–wrongs and injustice. It’s all waiting with potential for re-purposed good.

But let’s talk about the bad and ugly for a moment… because really dear Soul, I know you’ve been focusing on those things.

Maybe, you’ve never considered this idea, but here’s something to think about…

You already know you have a purpose–a calling. Maybe you are in it (with or without your knowledge). Maybe you are still swimming in a sea–waiting for a ship. But aside from that–there are these extra little crumbs lying around.

Left over crumbs of hurt scattered about.
This is what you might consider….

If you are willing–watching–you will get an opportunity, to be guided, to use the crumbs for a good thing. Those crumbs hold the potential to heal.

Where you have been hurt Sweet Soul, where you know in the deepest places of your heart how you wish you were treated better, loved, not judged, hugged, heard–is where crumbs are left to remind you to re-purpose them into healing for others.

This is how we can be Light. How we are asked to be Light (and Salt).

YOU can right the wrongs.
Only you can best know how to love someone, to right something for someone else–in the ways you were hurt.
Not for you in the past–but for someone else in the present.
…and in doing so, you bring light and healing love to someone else…..and in the end, to you.

So those crumbs…what are the crumbs of hurt you have?
How can you intentionally turn it around for goodness?

If your Creator had It’s way, every single crumb would be used. There would be no crumbs left behind. But the Creator gives you a choice. Free will.

So consider the idea of the crumbs and re-purposing them for healing, light, and love.

You’ll be so glad you did.

My hope is that one day these Truth Cards will come to good use. Eventually I’d like to publish them with proceeds benefiting TWLOHA (because I think what they do is so very important). I have no idea how that will work, but it is a wish. For now they are my gift to you. So without further ado, here is your Truth Card to print. I’m offering one each week, collect them all and you’ll have a beautiful set of 52 cards. Simply click on the card (which takes you to my Flickr set) and download and print. I have my Truth Cards on a small easel. They look best printed 5″ x 5″. You are free to give them to others, in fact it would be a huge honor if you did. I just ask that you do not remove the copyright info. This is an honor system, I honor you, you honor me.   n♥JOY!

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