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5x5_truthcard_080Dear Worthy Soul,

“Some may say I’m a dreamer…
but I’m not the only one.”

A while back, I sat in front of a publishing editor, and as he looked at my business card and all those little letters and words under my name, the one thing he noted, and commented on, arrived like this: “you are a dreamer? tell me about that.”

Where would I start, what would be too much, what was the most important part about being a dreamer should I say….? Was that the most silly thing I had ever committed to–and would anyone get it?

While that meeting with the publisher is fuzzy–because it’s so hard to remember what one says or does in the moment of a real-live-dream–I know my words had these points.

  • Being a dreamer is risky business.
  • It’s having buckets of hope for big things, even little small things.
  • It’s knowing that not all dreams come true.
  • It’s knowing that sometimes disappointments come – big and small.
  • It’s knowing that dreaming is worth it…
  • It’s knowing that if you don’t dream, you’ll never see a dream come true.
  • Dreaming allows miracles.
  • Dreaming is hoping.
  • Dreaming allows me options for creating better choices.
  • It’s a creative process that pushes the limits of present reality.
  • Dreaming is essential to the way I work, write, coach, create, play, help others, listen, speak, and continue to “become”…

After my little spiel, he said (and I recall this part clearly), “We should all aspire to have that in our skill set, and you have it on your card–that is great!”
(oh, and I did get to be published, THAT was great too, it was something I dreamed would happen one day, and it took several dreams not coming true before this one did)

Sweet Soul, you may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.

You are too…

See, I know you have big dreams.
The type that scare you to even DARE to have, let alone speak.
A dream that feels so impossible, it might as well be as far away as the next solar-system. That type of distance makes you feel it might not even be worth a try.

(worth… put that word in your pocket for a moment)

But Sweet Soul, what if THAT is the one dream that can change your life? Or your world, someone else’s world, or even…sometimes…yes…the whole world?

I know dreaming scares you–and it’s mostly because your dreaming-muscle is weak. It’s an unused muscle. It just doesn’t have endurance. It’s failed you before and you really are not up for another round at the dream-work-out-gym, it’s just too hard.

But listen…a work-out is never a waste of time. Never. And you are worth the effort. Your dreams are worth the effort.


(okay let’s take that word out of your pocket now – yes the “worth” one)

Sweet Soul, YOU do not need one.single.person to validate the dreams you have. They are yours alone. And that makes them worthy of having. And risking inside your own little heart that beats so hard when you dare to dream. Just like Cinderella’s song, “a dream is a wish your heart makes…”

Sweet Soul, to dream your dreams is to say: “What I dream and wish is WORTH hoping for. My hopes ARE worthy, because they are MINE. And I am worthy because I am here.”

Yes your dreams are big.


Your heart might ache along the way.

Your dream might take off, it might stall, it might pause or shift away to Mars or Pluto.

Or it might be the worthy thing you must dream and work towards… NOT because it will make someone else proud, or provide fame, or anything else that requires validation from anyone else.

No, Sweet Soul, you know you must dream because it’s the thing in you that will propel you forward, into purpose, into the very thing you are being asked to do that a Creator dreamed up for little-o-worthy-you a very very long time ago.

Whether your dreams come true or not…you still have to dream.

Build that muscle to run with your dreams.
Know that every race isn’t won.
But sometimes…. yes it can happen.

Go dream… you are WORTH it.



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  1. I wish I could keep your post in my head. In a type of rolodex. That way I can flip to the appropriate post in order to direct me to the path of a inspirational life.

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