and that happened… a journal page

Ah, not a typical post.

Well not typical…yet.

I do “art.”
I teach “art.”
I teach other’s to be “creative.”
I try, attempt, and am “creative.”

But for some reason, lately, I haven’t taken the time for me, alone, all by myself, to be creative without a goal in mind. I’ve been so busy helping others.

It was time for me to set aside a moment for me.

Last week was that time.

Today I share with you one of the ways I process. It’s personal work. It’s therapy. It’s not for any purpose or anyone else… But you know what? Is that ever true? Is there anything we can do that doesn’t have purpose? I think the answer is no. Everything has purpose – be it good, bad, or ugly.

When I started the art-journal page (that’s what this is), I turned on the video-cam and captured the process of going from nothing to something. And I share with you.

The music is by Laura Rhinehart – song: Disguise. She makes “soaking music.” I always imagine angels must dance to this… it’s ethereal in my ears.

I hope you enjoy…

Oh, and sweet soul, if you’re a local {Sacramento-ish Area} peep, you can {you really should} join an art journaling class. New new stuff starting in January – join a tribe – I promise to take the fear out of being creative – step by guided step, you {yes even you}, will be making some beautiful stuff – and it will do your soul good. Check it out at CreateheART


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2 thoughts on “and that happened… a journal page

  1. I so loved your art video with the music of Laura Rhineheart. It was so beautiful I wanted to cry. I’ve lost three family members in the past 4 years, and somehow the art and the music just seemed to fit into how I’ve kind of felt ever since the first passed away in 2010. Thank you Sherry. Thank you so very much, just for being you.

    Love and blessings,

    Peggy Lindenthaler

    • Peggy, I’m so sorry for the rush of loss… I think one of the things I treasure about art – be it music or visual arts – is how it speaks to souls. Opens something to allow a bit of light, a bit of awareness, and even healing. I’m humbled that it would speak to you. …thank you. Be well…

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