seeing it

there are things that change you.


stuff comes at us and if you are still breathing (during and after), it changes you.

there are those, those I’ve known, that change in unpleasant ways. they become selfish, self-centered, demanding, demeaning, bitter, biting, you know the type. they tout the drama on everyone and social media… (because that’s how it’s done anymore)

and there are those that rise. a thing stirs in their heart and soul, and it’s as if they actually got the truth, the message from their Creator saying, “oh sweet soul, this stuff coming at you is not from Me, but if you work through it, trust Me, I’m gonna make it worth your while…I’ve promised this to you all along.” (and those are the social media post I, myself, adore and relish and admire)

and so it goes — small people like you and me, without the means to do great things, get to do great things. and it’s never when we’ve sought to become warriors of justice and love, nor when we jump on the back of another and their destiny. no, it’s much more strange than that. it’s something that is just for you.

a tweak, a wrinkle in time, that is yours alone….if you are watching.
seeing it.

you go through circumstances because it can bring you into destiny.
positive destiny.
when you get the opportunity to be light. love. salt.
do you see it?

so the next time you feel an emotional blow, a hard circumstance, a time when your heart squeezes so hard that you think you can’t bear it anymore, then sweet soul, you have choices… if you are about learning through it, because something passionate ignites inside your depths of your gut… consider that something amazing can grow out of the fertilizer (aka: shit) of life.

xo, me

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