the blue

the_blue_010416first, I must confess, I’ve been broken. very.

and I was creatively stuck-ish.

truth be told – I was tired of it. I was so thirsty to sit at my studio table, for my own needs verses sitting down to make the next class curriculum, sample page, or painting for someone else.

long ago, diving into art saved me. and I needed it to save me again. so I got intentional. (I’m choosing intentional in many areas right now… art is just one of the many salves).

so here, the latest painting. I limited myself to three colors: Golden’s titanium white, manganese blue hue, paynes gray. and I used only a pallet knife to apply medium.

I had no idea what I was making.

but as I slid the buttery paint over the page – back and forth – back and forth, the sea appeared.  a thing that looked like a mistake became a wave. and so forth. in this building of an intentional practice, I unintentionally was transported to this place. this place I love.

this is salve.

and these were the words in my head (and on the page’s backside of this painting) as I looked at the completed piece.

“the place I want to return to, time and time again.
the place I run away to…
of all my memories, the blue ( of the spinning blue ball I live on ) has been a welcome omniscient guest to the moments I have and will treasure.
my unending gratitude for the blue.”

I hope you too, do something intentionally to bring you back to a place of salve.

xo, me

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  1. Love this, Sherry. And I empathize. I’ve had artwork sitting on the dining room table, started but untouched for the last four or so weeks. One is a commissioned piece and I swear, my last one. I don’t want to do what others want me to do. I want to do what I want to do. If you like it, buy it. If you don’t, I’ll keep it and add to all the rest of my artwork that sits in storage, with no where to be hung. I’m not even sure I ever want to hang it. It’s just artwork that I created at a time when I felt like creating it. So many different styles. Styles to suit the mood I was in at the time, apparently.

    It’s like that with teaching, too, isn’t it? At least for me. So much work and time yet it’s income (rarely for me, since I’m so lazy) and there is a certain satisfaction in sharing what you know with others, helping them find their mojo, perhaps. Helping them to smile, at least for a few hours. But it’s not necessarily what you feel like doing at the time.

    Yet, you are SUCH an excellent teacher, Sherry. Truly. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it because, trust me, I have taken ‘lessons’ from many others in my life and some, well, are just not cut out for teaching. You, on the other hand, are so well organized, you teach with a smile and a subtle yet indescribable enthusiasm that mirrors few and is palpable. Whether you may have felt like teaching that night or not, it’s clear you put a lot of your heart and soul into creating the lessons you teach. I am grateful.

    You’ve had some trials this past year or so. I get it. Been there. Still there, to a large extent. My heart goes out to you.

    I pray that we all find our mojo and enjoy each day, no matter what. Because, after all, why shouldn’t we? We have so much for which to be grateful. To be happy.

    Be happy. That’s my wish for you.

    See you in a couple weeks.

    Love & hugs,


    • dang Joyce! dang…big o’freaking hugs to you. seriously, thank you for saying all that. and thank you for being a spark of enthusiasm and a very willing spirit. I agree, it’s better to do art with what strikes you, without fear, without expectation…because that’s where all the good stuff is hidden. keep on keepin’ on girlfriend! xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful, Sherry. Such beauty is inside you and shows in this painting. Love it and you.:>)


    On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 6:45 AM, Sherry Meneley . Artist . Creativity

  3. My dear Sherry,

    You totally restored the peace I felt with every blog post you blessed me and others with so long ago.

    Your awesome and so glad that you not only found your way back to your happy place but that you have chosen to share it with us.

    Love you


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