perky persuasion

~ from the studio table ~

A piece I’ve been working on for the Annual Heart Show at E Street Gallery. Each year a theme is given that contains the word “heart” – this year was “Hearty-Har-Har.”  Thus us artists create around the theme.

Shown at E Street Gallery / Hearty Har Har, 8th Annual Heart Show Opening on Feb 11th, 2017 through March 2017.


~ thoughts on this work ~

The imagery: When considering the theme “Heart-y Har Har” – that phrase always seemed sarcastic in nature – mocking at those things that aren’t funny. I instantly envisioned a sad girl, pretending to be happy, trying to laugh in the midst of pain. It really doesn’t take much to find examples of that in life. As such, the painting appeared…

Title:     Perky Persuasion (11″x14″ watercolor)
…they told her to be happy, to laugh

The bits: Substrate: 11″ x 14″ BFK Rives paper. Mediums used: watercolor, gouache, white pen.