~ from the studio table ~

working in high-key abstract ghosty compositions and some cathartic writing/prose

~ thoughts on this work ~

The imagery: self portrait-ish // inspired by spring, life, and artists who say much with little. There have been so many things I’ve wanted to tell. To everyone. Hurts… But for whatever reason I keep it all inside. I want others to know, but I’ve found that be fruitless. So I consider this: the “hurters”– one day, if not now — will acknowledge and have to reconcile their actions. Until then, I’m disappearing from those places, people, circles….

spring’s petals, the harsh bitter wind
one by one giving up the fight to hang on.

it’s scary, when you first let go
uprooted, not whole anymore.

scattered like sugar on the table
no one sweeps it into their tea.

the girl they knew disappeared
stories told, it was her issue, choice.

but petals know, it was the unforgiving wind
for petals do what they know to do, and wind is always wind.

(by: me, the one with soiled wings)


The bits: Substrate: watercolor 300 gsm (140 lb) paper. Medium: watercolor.