Art Journaling Tool Kit

Art_SuppliesMany of you have asked what’s in an Art Journal Tool Kit.

And the honest answer is EVERYTHING. But with just a few basic supplies you can begin to create endless colorful pages to “wow” yourself.

In class, a very detailed handout is provided. BUT when you come to your first class, you only need bring a scissors, pencil, Sharpies, and glue-stick. After that you’ll want to build a kit. Here are the bare bone basics of a kit.

    • Scissors. Ruler. Pencil.
    • Black permanent pens You can be fancy with PITT-Pens and Dip-Pens, but really Sharpies are awesome. You’ll need TWO: the fine and ultra fine tips.
    • Wax-Paper or Parchment Paper. Tear off a 12″ piece and keep with you. It’s the ultimate pre & post page protector. Never throw it away.
    • Old Rag. Just any old tattered thing will do. I use cut-up old t-shirts.
    • Baby Wipes. You’ll need them..
    • Glue stick Make sure it states “permanent.” I really love Avery and UHU glue sticks.
    • Glue Adhesive/Gel Medium When it comes to glue there is white glue, tacky glue, ultimate glue, mod-podge, matte-medium, gel-medium, lions, tigers, and bears OH MY! If you only chose one adhesive: go with matte gel-medium. It does all the good things.
    • Water Cup & Painters Pallet You don’t need anything fancy. A water cup can be an old plastic container and a palette is the lid. It’s that simple. Put these in your kit!
    • Paint Brushes Go simple. I have buckets of brushes, but my five go-tos are: #10 or #12 Filbert, #2, #4 and #6 round, and lastly a funky 1″ flat (like the brush you use to butter garlic bread…but not THAT brush).
    • Foam Brushes Yup, buy them on sale. Always have a few in your kit.
    • Plastic Card Old credit card, gift card, etc…
    • Alpha Stamps Simple font stamps of each letter of the alphabet (mine are $1.50 for the whole set from Michaels – these are sometimes in the dollar bin at Target too).
    • StazOn Black Ink Pad The only ink pad you’ll ever need for “stamps.”
    • Watercolor Cakes/Pan. Prang, Reeves, Artist’s Loft – any set with at least 12-colors will do just fine.
    • Watercolor Crayons (water-soluble pastels). Simply magic wonder-love goodness. The ease of crayons, built into what should be considered a 7th wonder of the world.
    • Optional Extras: this could be white gesso, portfolio pastels, chalk pastels, inktense pencils/or sticks (just love these), watercolor pencils, white gel pen, acrylic paint, glitter glue!, rub-ons, etc….
There are many other things you may collect over time.
But these are the basics.

My goal is to take the “fear factor” out of “ART.”

I’ll remove the mystery from art products as you’re taught in simple terms on how to use and find them on-the-cheap.

Ready to schedule a class? Of course you are!
Contact me for more info and enrollment.


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Creativity Chaperone
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