Sherry’s Art

015As a mixed media artist, I’ll find a way to make art with just about anything. But my favorite mediums include:

♥ Acrylic and Ink on Canvas (or art board substrate)
♥ Mixed Media … you never know what you’ll find in my art.
♥ Pen & Watercolor on Paper

Intuitive Paintings – acrylics, oils, inks on canvas. Each starts with written words on the canvas then the muse takes over. The images start to emerge. Ethereal.

Soul Sherpa Portraits – mixed media, acrylics, oils, inks on various substrates (canvas, wood, board). Soul Sherpa portraits express the inner voice that whispers truth, guidance, direction, strength, and hope. A Soul Sherpa often looks like the individual it lives inside… but there is something more mysterious, sacred, divine.

She Thought – simple line drawings to express a captured fleeting thought. Available in prints, cards, calendars.


Artist’s Statement

My story of blooming into the art…

Sherry Meneley
Creativity Chaperone
Life Coach | Creativity Coach
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3 thoughts on “Sherry’s Art

  1. OMGosh you are so creative!!! Can’t wait to see all your pieces of art!! Will you be using any tree bark? 🙂

  2. I am so glad that I found your blog. Your honesty and transparency is refreshing as is your writing style. And, to find another artist is lovely as well. I will be back to read in the future. Thank you.

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