Artist Statement

IMG_0190I am wild girl.
I’m untamed.
Because when I lived a tame life, I never fit in.
I have Mennonite in my blood.
I am a contemplative girl.
I am a deeply soulful girl
I am a glittery introvert.
I believe in miracles and blessed magical moments.

I’m devoted to the sacred holiness all around.
I am devoted to my Maker and the work given to me.
I will always strive to honor these gifts.

In life, it’s never about what you first see.
I believe that.
There is always more, something deeper.
A withheld emotion that’s right under the surface.
A nuance that might be missed if you pass by too quickly.
This is what I attempt to capture within my art.
Be it through the eyes of a portrait, or the symbols that surround, there is a story.
Something deeper.
A truth that whispers softly from underneath.
It takes stillness and presence to hear it.
That Truth whispers guidance, direction, strength, and hope.
It is mysterious, sacred, holy, divine.
The day my Maker woke up the art in me, was the day my Creator said,
“Sherry……….let’s play, co-create with Me.”
And my answer has been yes…

I work in paint, inks, drawing, mixed media, gathered bits, scribbles notes, and the occasional glitter. What others leave behind might hold the next bit of inspiration, the key to what the next canvas will unfold. The next Truth that will be whispered.

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Sherry Meneley
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