My Art Story

As a mixed media artist, I’ll find a way to make art with just about anything. But my favorite mediums include:

♥ Pen/Pencil & Watercolor on Paper
♥ Acrylic and Ink on Canvas / Board
♥ Mixed Media Assemblage

Instead of telling you I’ve been an artist since I was a small girl (which is true), I’ll let you know that the first time I set up and easel and giant canvas was in 1997. It was a golf scene. Not my style but I wanted to paint something BIG something abstract and colorful. Something was waking up… and I began to create. A lot of drawing, cards, beading like a mad woman.

Then came the time when the creative muse mostly slept. I think I drugged her and forced her to sleep. I’ll call those the “getting too serious” corporate years. But a point came when she was done sleeping, done napping, she wanted out and my early mid-life crisis began. That was 2008. Some of that crisis / break-down is detailed here.  I started feverishly journaling again. In a new way. My once flat and text filled journals became 3-D and colorful. I began to wonkilly write this blog as a form of expression.

Then the moment came. I still get teary thinking about it. There was a specific day, a time, a place, when something “happened.” The muse woke up. FULL FORCE. And could not be contained. I embraced her fully. My art changed. My life changed. My heart began to shift from stone to …water. Fluidity. There was no going back. Never again will I force her to sleep.

A Higher Power, Creator, Sacred Muse asked me to play.
And I did.
It’s that simple.
It’s that complex.

This life isn’t always easy. But it has never lacked for being fullfilling.

Sherry Meneley
Creativity Chaperone
Life Coach | Creativity Coach
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